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A massive 24mm topper set up for dual custom coil builds. This one looks like an engine piston too. How does the Swedish Vaper Hot Rod BF RDA stack up to the competition?

To be completely honest, when I first saw the Hot Rod, I didn’t really know what to think. On one hand, I was glad someone stepped out of the one-size-fits-all RDA shape and design, and on the other I was a bit worried. Normally, drastic alterations to basic device features or even straying from certain proven concepts of design can be a bit risky. I decided to take a chance anyway; mostly because it looked too cool to pass up.

My first impressions of the dripper were mostly positive. It seemed to be set up for dripping and optimized for squonking. I took note of the attention to detail, and didn’t mind the four little windows/cutouts around the base of the outer sleeve. Supposedly, the Hot Rod was supposed to resemble an engine piston – honestly, that wouldn’t have been my first thought, but it was still pretty cool. The V-10 shaped airflow holes in the base of the deck were not only nice to look at, but seemed like they would serve a practical purpose as well.

I picked the Hot Rod BF RDA up when it first came out, and continued using it up until this point. I’ll share some of the features I really liked, and the list of things I did not.


  • 24mm diameter
  • Dual post two terminal deck (3mm by 2.5mm)
  • 9mm deep juice well
  • 10 1.5mm built in deck airflow holes
  • Segmented and threaded top cap
  • Replaceable glass inner sleeve
  • Four ‘viewing ports’ (two 29 by 5mm | two 5mm diameter)
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Included squonk pin (bf pin)
  • 304 stainless steel composition
  • 810 drip tip (11mm resin)


  • Very cool/unique design
  • Feels sturdy in the hand
  • 1-off packaging (like really unique!)
  • 24mm great for larger builds
  • Comes with extra grub screws
  • Unique build deck
  • Juice distribution block helps evenly disperse e-liquid over coils (great for dripping through the tip)
  • 9mm juice well more than sufficient
  • Conical top cap, great for flavor
  • Glass windows so you can see your build while you vape
  • Comes with replacement glass
  • Flat head post screws
  • Engine style deck airflow
  • Piston design
  • Large side airflow slots
  • Gold plated 510
  • Comes with a set of coils
  • Easy to build on
  • Plenty of room for your wick to rest
  • Smooth draw
  • Great flavor
  • Decent clouds

The Hot Rod really has a lot going for it. The large post holes, and flat head screws in combination with the 9mm deep juice wells made coil installs an absolute breeze. And the little juice block in the center of the deck, makes ‘blind’ dripping through the tip really nice (evenly disperses e-liquid over your coils!).

The set of coils, and bag of spare parts are standard things now a day. After having to wash machine oil and metallic flakes from the inside of the topper, I decided not to try the pre-builts, but they seem quality enough to provide a decent vape. The draw was smooth and the flavor production was really really good – especially considering its large 24mm diameter, I was able to find the all the tasty nuances from my favorite liquids, that are often rather hard to find.


  • The piston theme (although cool) is a bit cliche
  • Locking feature/threading is not great
  • Windows/cutouts are cool, but definitely not a fan of the condensation build up over time
  • Wuper loud even at 50 watts
  • Erip tip
  • Leaky squonking
  • O-ring tolerances
  • Had to clean the machine oil/particulates before using
  • Adjusting airflow was a real pain

Okay, the design features were cool at first. Heck, they’re what turned me onto the dripper in the beginning. Realistically speaking though, they’re a bit overkill and unnecessary – which is fine it you like that kind of thing.

Probably the worst aspect of the Hot Rod BF RDA for me was the noise. At a mere 50 watts, I could’ve been waking up my neighbor’s across the street – and if you actually manage to adjust the airflow to shut things off a bit (it’s a pain), it only gets worse.

As for the locking feature – yeah it doesn’t work. And the pretty little V-10 airflow built in to the deck itself – it creates a leaky nightmare when squonking. So essentially, you’re stuck with a BF RDA with a poorly designed engine block airflow on the bottom of the deck that makes squonking impossible.

With that being said, the Hot Rod was great for dripping. In fact, the flavor was so good, I’d probably even go as far as to recommend to another vaper looking for a good cheap rda. As for anyone considering this bottom feeder for their squonk box, I’d probably take a hard pass.

Purchase the Hot Rod RDA here.

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