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From the makers of the original HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank series, HorizonTech has brought us another excellent sub-ohm tank with mesh coils that use unusual wicking materials. This tank series is known for optimal flavor, coils with a longer lifespan, and the nice clouds you can expect from mesh coils, not to mention excellent and stylish construction. If you’ve owned a Falcon tank and are a fan of the coil options and flavor quality, you’ll want to pick up one of these HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tanks to add to your arsenal.

The Design

Although I do love the older editions of the Falcon tank, I have to say that the Falcon King is a new and improved version. The design is streamlined, with some nice details that make it look high-class. There are several colors to choose from including blue, gunmetal, purple, carbon black, rainbow, and stainless steel. The drip tip is resin and corresponds to your color choice, providing a nice design touch versus a plain black Delrin drip like some other tanks.

The Build

The HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank isn’t cheaply manufactured. Don’t get me wrong, most popular tanks out there nowadays are pretty much constructed equally, but there are some differences occasionally. The Falcon King can compete with just about any of those. Its chassis is the standard, sturdy stainless steel. The base diameter of this tank is about 26mm, so you may have some slight overhang on smaller mods. This tank, with the included bubble glass, holds 6ml of e-liquid, huge plus for these mesh coil systems, as your juice may disappear at a faster rate than non-mesh options.

The Top Fill System

The filling system of the Falcon King is not a new method, but it works very well, and it a mess-free experience. Similar to a sliding top fill or a push-to-open system, they call this a swivel fill. Push the button on the top cap and it’ll swivel open to reveal the filling port.

I was a bit concerned with this button being pushed accidentally, but have not experienced any issues so far. It is easy to open, but not so much so that it will open inside your purse or pocket and allow the liquid to spill everywhere.

The Coil System

The previous HorizonTech Falcon coils were a blend of cotton and wood pulp, but the manufacturers changed it up for the HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank. These coils still use the kanthal mesh heating element, but for the wicking they utilize bamboo pulp. The claim is the this wicking material will deliver a better flavor experience, as well as extend the life of the coils.

The included coils are a 0.38-ohm M-Dual Mesh Coil that’s best at 80W and a 0.16-ohm M1 Mesh coil that’s best at around 75W.

Vaping With the HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-ohm Tank

I put this tank on a few different mods during testing, including the SMOK Species Mod. I primed the coil and let it sit for just five minutes. This was to test the new wicking material, as well as the claim that the break-in period is nearly zero. Starting with the 0.38-ohm M-Dual Mesh coil, I set the wattage a little lower than 80. Surprisingly enough, the flavor kicked in with almost no break-in. Plus number one for the bamboo pulp! To make sure these were consistent, I tried the same thing with the 0.15-ohm coil and was, again, pleasantly surprised.

Both of the coils held strong for a week, giving excellent flavor and nice cloud production. It was only after ten days that I noticed the flavor quality declining. My e-liquid disappeared fast with these mesh coils, though, so beware. It was pretty much as I expected. Thirsty coils are the trade-off for the mesh taste.

Want To Vape Like a King?

The HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank delivered what I expected: a quality vaping experience from an excellent line of Falcon tanks. If you like the idea of coils with some unique wicking materials, they’ve definitely got you covered. Plus, the Falcon King is compatible with all of the previous Falcon coils. That gives you a good amount of options! The coil lifespan is not quite that two week mark that some coils offer, but the flavor is worth the sacrifice. While this isn’t necessarily a groundbreaking new tank, this is certainly one of the best in the HorizonTech Falcon line. In my opinion, it’s worth every penny.

Purchase the HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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