Friday, January 18, 2019

We Used Science to Pick the Best Cheap E-Juice

If you're like us, then you're definitely interested in getting great e-juice on the cheap. But not all cheap e-juice is the same. There...
teen girl vaping

Is Teen Vaping Really an Epidemic?

Teen vaping is the latest hot-button issue plaguing our industry. Not a day goes by without a slew of news reports claiming that a...

Tobacco 21 Initiatives Taking Different Paths to Mixed Results

Tobacco 21 is taking different paths throughout the smoking/vaping community. The initiative, backed by the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation, intends to raise the legal smoking...
Vaping 101- An Introduction to Coils

Vaping 101: An Introduction to Coils

For those new to the community, coils can be an intimidating piece of the vape puzzle. Even experienced vapers can overlook the potential of...

FDA Takes Aim at JUUL Clones

A wave of vaping knock-offs (in particular, JUUL clones) have been developed over the past two years -- after a deadline was established by...
Advancements in Battery Tech Could Change The Way You Vape Forever

Advances in Battery Tech Could Change The Way You Vape Forever

A startup based out of Alameda, California has recently made major advances in battery technology -- advances that could change the world economy in...

Vaping Research Study: Vaping Prevents Smokers from Relapsing

Like many vapers have been saying for the past five years or so, not only does vaping help smokers kick the habit, but e-cigarettes...

Vaping 101: Mech Mod Battery Contact Adjustment

Maintaining your gear and devices can improve your vaping experience in more ways than one. Adjusting the contacts on your mechanical box mod may...

Which State is Going After JUUL Labs Now?

JUUL Labs is under investigation. Again. The state of Massachusetts is conducting an investigation of JUUL and two online retailers for possible age-related sales violations....
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Farm Bill Amendment Threatens Hemp, CBD Legalization

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Is Vaping a Sin?

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