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Creamy dragonfruit, honeydew, melon, and kiwi work in unison to create one heck of a tasty vape. Heretic from Om Vapors is an absolute must try!

First Impressions:

The branding used by Om Vapors is really quite nice. They use the same general graphic design on all their vape juice lines, with some minor variations, that works to keep everything consistent throughout. Everything from the large white Om logo, to e-juice names and the colorful background images work to give their bottles a bit of character. You won’t find any cartoon characters or vulgar wording here, and they’re definitely not needed! This just goes to show that a little extra work put in on label design can pay off in a big way.

NOTE: Pure fruit flavors are definitely not my first choice when it comes to e-liquid. And I honestly cannot remember the last time I vaped a truly interesting and well put together fruit flavor.

Flavor Profile:

One of the first fruit flavors to come out of the lab at Om Vapors, Heretic is a Honeydew and melon flavor with dragonfruit, with notes of cantaloupe and kiwi.


Heretic has that signature melon ball flavor that you’d expect from any honeydew-inspired e-juice. There’s a bit of acidity on the nose as well, which I’d associate kiwi fruit. And there may even be a small amount of fresh cream in the foreground.

My Setup:

24mm Loop V1.5 BF RDA from GeekVape loaded with a set of claptons (.22ohms), pulsed on the lavabox DNA 200 device from Volcano E-cigs. I started with the airflow wide open, and ended up shutting it down almost 75% about halfway through the review.


Front – Equally parts creamy dragonfruit and melon on the front that work to create a nice smooth mouthfeel. There’s a touch of acidity brought about by kiwi fruit and a hint of cream. Heretic is not a sugary or candy fruit liquid, but rather an attempt to produce a 1:1 copy of the real thing.

Middle – More of the same flavors from the beginning. Now though, the creaminess seems to be a result of the dragonfruit. It’s hard to know for sure, but If I had to take a guess, I’d bet on that being the case. The cantaloupe flavoring intensifies at this point as well, and reaches the same level of potency as the honeydew.

End – Heretic finishes much like you’d expect. All the fruit flavors remain constant up until this point, and then slowly diminish just a few seconds after vaping. The last flavor to leave is definitely the dragonfruit. The end is velvety and smooth, and almost sugar-less.

Aftertaste – No lingering. This is a consistent trend with Om Vapors liquids so far. And I hope it stays that way!

Cloud Production:

I actually prefer the 75/25 blend used by Om Vapors over the industry standard 70/30. The little extra bit of VG help create some dense clouds, and managed to maintain a great flavor. My dual coil build was filling a large room with white vapor in a hurry!

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 75/25

Price – $24.99 (120ml)

Bottle type – 120 IDPE

Final Thoughts:

I had my bar set pretty high for this flavor, after being completely turned off from all fruit liquids for some time. Heretic from Om Vapors is a well put together flavor, and did not fall short in the taste department.

Recommendable? Yes. Most fruit vapes aren’t really that complex. But Heretic has enough  individual flavors bouncing around to keep even the pickiest of vapers (raises hand!) interested.

ADV? Without a doubt. 24/7 vape worthy for me.

Purchase Heretic here

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