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We can’t stress it enough – vaping is under attack. It feels like not a day goes by that there’s not some new thing that puts our industry at risk. From governmental regulations, to scientific studies of dubious methodology, to questionable media coverage – there’s an endless onslaught of threats aimed squarely at us. We can’t sit idly on the sidelines while outside forces determine our future. Vapers must become involved and organize to ensure our voices are heard. This can seem daunting, particularly if you’re just one person. Don’t fear, though – you too can become an active member of the fight. Here are five simple ways you can help save vaping and get involved now.

Register to Vote – and Vote!

The best way to guarantee your voice is heard on the issues is to make your statement with a ballot. Voting is something everyone of age should be doing regardless, but it’s particularly important if you want to keep vaping legal. Voting for candidates who support our viewpoint is vitally important as we fight pending legislation that could wipe out roughly 98% of the industry. And the best part is that registering to vote has never been easier – you can do it online. Once you do that, make sure you actually get out and vote – just registering isn’t enough.

Contact Your Elected Officials

I know, being involved in politics is about as much fun as having a root canal performed by a drunk oil rig worker, but politicians tend to vote the way the most vocal citizens want them to vote. So, you need to be contacting these guys – early and often. Firing off a form email and signing a petition is nice, but if you really want to affect change, you need to make more direct – and personal – contact. There are tons of resources online that will connect you with your state, federal, and local representatives. Some of them will even dial for you and give you a script of what to say. And while it’s sometimes tempting to put a politician on blast, it’s usually better to take a more civil and reasoned approach. So, try to be polite while making your point.

Join an Organization

You don’t have to do this all alone – there are organizations out there fighting on your behalf, whether you’re an individual consumer or an industry insider. We’ve posted an article that highlights four of the bigger advocacy groups you can join, including CASAA, which is the biggest of all. Joining is easy (and free) and can help you keep abreast of what’s going on beyond your local neighborhood – plus, it connects you with a huge community of like-minded individuals all working towards a common goal. So sign up and get involved!

Spread the Word About Vaping

One of the best, and easiest, things you can do is talk about your own personal experience. Has vaping helped you? Tell your story! Talk to smokers, tell it to your elected officials, share it online via testimonial. Teach non-vapers about the benefits of vaping. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. There are countless opportunities for you to share your tale and become an ambassador for the cause. Personal stories are powerful things – and each of us has something to share that can touch another person. If vaping has improved the quality of your life, that’s something you should be talking about. So go out there and spread the word!

Don’t Forget About Social Media

Life in the 21st century is pretty sweet because the world is literally at your fingertips. Social media has made it easier than ever to not only connect with like-minded individuals and spread messages around the globe. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube…all are viable platforms for organizing, informing, and connecting with people concerned about the same issues you are. It’s also one more avenue for you to reach out to your elected leaders – but again, remember to keep it civil. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and if you annoy people online they tend to block you or tune you out. Social media can change the world when used correctly – so don’t forget to join the fight on this front too.

Vaping is a huge part of many of our lives – in a really positive way – but if we don’t mobilize now and fight to protect it, it could be taken away from us. Vapers face serious issues in the months and years ahead, and taking a “someone else will deal with it” approach is a sure-fire way to lose the fight. Don’t sit on the sidelines – jump into the fray today.