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Hellvape is a brand you’ll be familiar with if you use a lot of RDAs. They’ve released a ton of successful RDAs such as the Drop Dead and Dead Rabbit. But they don’t just make rebuildables. A recent release is their sub-ohm tank, the Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank. This tank is actually a collaboration project with Beyond Vape. Once I heard that this tank was not just any sub-ohm tank, but a hybrid that allows for both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping styles, I wanted to give it a go. While some are skeptical of a sub-ohm tank that’s able to adapt to both styles of vaping, it definitely can be done, and I’ve tried a few successful efforts.

The Design

The Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank looks great. It’s a clean design, but it isn’t boring either. This tank measures 24mm and has a max 4.3ml capacity, but there is no bubble glass. Some of you will love that, some of you will hate it. I like that they kept it slim. At the top you’ll see an 810 wide acrylic drip tip that’s two-toned, with a specific shade on the bottom that matches or corresponds well with the color of the atomizer. However, if gold version, the drip tip is a solid gold color. Included is a 510 adapter as well as a 510 MTL Delrin drip tip.

The HellBeast logo is on the top base of the tank. All color options look very, very clean—I can’t see many thinking that this is too gaudy, but then again, everyone has their own preference.

The Build

As with any Hellvape product I’ve tried, the machining is very accurate. The threading is on par, the 510 connector is near perfect, and everything feels solidly built. On the bottom of the tank is the dual adjustable airflow, which can be closed fully. But, the manufacturers created slots for both MTL and DL vapers. On one end, you’ll find the usual wide slots for typical direct-lung vaping, but turn it all the way to the left and boom, there are five precision MTL holes varying from 2.0mm all the way down to 0.75mm.

Filling is super easy on this as well. To access the fill port, use the push-to-open system on the top cap. There is an indicator arrow. Push that side in and you’ll reveal a 10mm by 3mm fill port.

The Compatible Coils

Now here is the fun part. I think this is a major pro for this tank and, most likely, a major selling point. The Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank is compatible with the SMOK Baby Beast coils, the Vaporesso GT Coils, and also comes with a coil adapter for the Nautilus V2 Coil system. This allows for plenty of options and of course, both MTL and DL vaping styles.

The Coil Adapter

The Nautilus coil adapter is pretty simple to use. Once you’ve unscrewed the bottom base of the tank and taken out the previous coil, simply screw in the adapter. Make sure it’s nice and snug. Then you’ll screw in a Nautilus coil from there, make sure to prime it, reassemble the tank, and you’re good to go.

The Included Hellvape H1 Mesh Coils

The coils that are included are the Hellvape H1 Mesh Coils. These have a resistance of 0.2-ohms and work within a 30-90W range. Hellvape says the optimal wattage range is 60-80.

Vaping with the Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank

I put the Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank on top of the SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod and vaped with the included Hellvape H1 Mesh Coil and some e-liquid from King’s Crest E-Liquid . I started out at the lowest, 30W and was surprised with the flavor quality even at as low as 30W. But it really was prime at that 60 or 70W. Because this is a mesh coil, the vapor production was above average as well. The coil lasted me about ten days with moderate usage.

To test this as an MTL tank, I put on the 510 adapter and the 510 Delrin and then got my hands on some of the Aspire V2 coils to use with the adapter. I tried both a 0.7-ohm and a 1.8-ohm coil. The best MTL experience was, not surprisingly, from that 1.8-ohm coil in the 10-12W range. The draw on this tank with the MTL airflow was great. You can adjust it to your liking, whether that’s a loose MTL draw or a very tight one. I had no issues with the adapter or any of the coils I tried. I noticed slight spit back on a few occasions, but truly, nothing out of the ordinary.

Is the Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank Worth Your Time and Money?

Sometimes these attempts at hybrid tanks get it all wrong. But honestly, this one is a versatile tank that does what it says. The Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank may not give you the tightest of tight MTL draws, but it does its darndest and gets close. The MTL experience was lovely and the DL was as I would expect from a maker like this: just really damn good. The Hellvape H1 Mesh coils are pretty solid, giving a pure taste and some thick clouds. They’re a bit thirsty though, so make sure you’re stocked up on juice. Be careful when you’re changing coils, though, because if you’ve got too much juice in the tank, you’ll be in for some cleanup. The tank glass has a tendency to come off with the bottom base, so it’s really just best to change the coil after you’ve emptied the tank. Otherwise, I think this tank looks worthy of the beast name and vapes pretty close as well

Purchase the Hellvape HellBeast Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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