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Hawaii is again riding the vaping regulations wave. 

In an effort to combat the rising trend of teenagers experimenting with e-cigarettes, the Aloha State is positioning itself to become the first state to legally bid farewell to flavored e-liquids, according to The Associated Press.  

Recognized as the first state to initiate a crackdown on sales of vaping products to minors by raising the legal sales age to 21, Hawaii is once more spearheading a movement to help stabilize the spike in teen vaping. It would become the first state to legislate a ban on e-liquid. San Francisco was the first city to ban flavored pods.      

E-liquids such as Maui Mango likely will be included in the proposed ban, AP reported.     

Proponents of the proposal intend to put a dent in the popularity of vaping among minors. A study conducted by the Hawaii Health Department reported a 26-percent increase in high school vaping during 2017.  

“They look at cigarettes and they say, ‘Cigarettes are disgusting. Tobacco is disgusting,'” said Trish La Chica, an associate of the Hawaii Public Health Institute. “So take away the cotton candy, take away the flavors that look like they belong in an ice cream shop, and they wouldn’t be attracted to start in the first place.”  

While reviewing e-cigarette information, Hawaiian lawmakers listened to students complain about their peers vaping in bathrooms and other isolated areas of the school, AP reported.   

One of the students who testified was Kapolei High School sophomore Paige McCurdy. She told the legislatures a tale of discomfort and discouragement.  

“I can’t keep on walking into the bathroom at school and get hit in the face with a vape cloud that smells like cotton candy and not be able to work the rest of the day because of a headache,” McCurdy said. “It is affecting students, and it just needs to stop.” 

If Hawaiian lawmakers have their way, they will be the first – again. 

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