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Hangsen serves the vape industry with products available in over 85 countries. That’s covering some pretty extensive ground. According to their website, their core values are “quality and credibility,” so if you’re in the market for a Hangsen product, let’s hope it lives up to that quality standard. Hangsen’s original iQ Ultra Portable System didn’t include refillable pods; instead it used pre-filled pods. Although some vapers don’t mind this, it’s pretty limiting. One of the newer Hangsen iQs changed this. The Hangsen iQ OVS Ultra Portable System allows the user to choose their own e-liquids for their pods, plus it has a 600mAh internal battery versus the older, lower standard. Is the Hangsen iQ OVS as good as it sounds?


The materials are nice and sturdy. The Hangsen iQ OVA Ultra Portable System has a metal casing and a rectangular body with rounded corners. It’s a bit bulky, so it isn’t the most comfortable pod system I’ve tried. But on the plus size, this device can withstand a bit more abuse than some of the other more delicate pod systems. It’s available in black, yellow, red, and blue, all of which have a matte finish.

You’ll find the micro-USB port on the bottom of the iQ OVS. The face with the iQ logo also features a decorative circle that looks like a button, but serves no function, and toward the bottom, an LED light indicator.

Basic Features of the Hangsen iQ OVS Ultra Portable System

Hangsen really keeps it simple, which is what most pod mod systems are like these says. The iQ OVS uses draw-activated firing, so no fire button is on the mod. The battery is a 600mAh internal battery (may be part of the reason this is such a bulky device). Luckily, the battery life really is decent, and thanks to the quick-charging, you should reach a full charge within only 30 minutes. The LED battery light indicator will let you know when it’s time to recharge. The light will be green when it’s fully charged, switch to blue when it’s about halfway, and then, finally, to red when you’re nearing the end of your battery life. When it’s completely out, the light will blink ten times to let you know and the device will shut off.

The system also has anti-dry burning to help protect you from dry hits and ruined coils in your pods. You can also uses pass through, which means that you can vape the iQ OVA while it’s charging, if you really want to.

The Hangsen iQ OVA Ultra Portable System’s Pods

As mentioned, the original iQ used pre-filled cartridges of e-liquid. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the iQ OVS. These pods hold 2ml of e-liquid and work with salt nicotine juices or regular e-liquids. The resistance of the pods is rated at 1.2-ohms.

To remove the pod from your device, you will need to pop up the pod with the lever on the top of the system. Then, just push up a bit from the side and the pod comes right out. To fill the pod, find the fill port on the bottom end. There will be a silicone plug covering the fill port. Lift that up, and voila, start filling. The filling port is relatively small, so I recommend using a filling bottle with a needle-nose. Replace the plug when you’re done filling and pop it back into the iQ OVS.

How does the Hangsen iQ OVS Vape?

Once your device is charged and your pod is filled, you’re ready to vape. Make sure you give the pod enough time (10 minutes or so)  to fully saturate, though. Now, off the bat, I wasn’t too sure about how this pod mod would vape. There are so many of these things nowadays, and so many of them are just sort of okay. But, this is Hangsen, so I reserved the doubt.

The draw on the iQ OVS is somewhere in the middle. It’s pretty tight, but it’s loose enough to get a restricted DTL vape from it. The flavor from the pods isn’t mind-blowing, but they aren’t bad either. They’re about average from a pod mod system. The lifespan of these pods is something worth mentioning. Hangsen estimates that the pods are good for about three refills of liquid. However, I vaped a single pod for about six refills. Maybe it was luck, but nonetheless, I think most vapers should get about four refills out of a pod.

The throat hits from this pod system, when vaped with Nectarberry, a 36mg nicotine salt juice from Superb, was perfect. Thanks to the medium-tight draw on the system, this is truly a nice option for ex-smokers who want that intense draw.

The Hangsen iQ OVS Ultra Portable System: A Solid MTL Vape for New Vapers and Ex-Smokers

Although there are tons of pod systems on the market, I do think that the Hangsen iQ OVS Ultra Portable System is a great choice for those of you who are looking for a pod system that is easy-to-use and offers a nice MTL vape. Though it’s a bit bulky, the device is going to be sturdier than other options, so if you want something that’ll last a while, this is a good buy. The pods offer a nice flavor, though nothing outstanding, and their longevity is nothing to overlook. The quick-charging function is one of the best features of this device. A full charge in just a half hour is very good. Even if you don’t end up with a full day’s charge from the 600mAh battery, recharging isn’t such a chore. For about $29.99, this system should be on your list of purchase options.

Purchase the Hangsen iQ OVS Ultra Portable System here.

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