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Is the RTA you’ve been using living up to its full potential? Does it hold enough juice to get you through the day? If you answered no to any of the above, the GLAZ Tank from Steam Crave may be for you!

If you’ve been vaping for awhile, you know how far tank design has come in the last five years. They now hold more juice, perform at higher wattages, and produce flavor on par with many drippers. Build decks now emulate RDAs, and that makes throwing complex builds in easier than ever. Wicking channels have been designed with the end user in mind, and the chance you’ll experience a dry hit has been greatly reduced.

24mm is the new 22, and RTAs measuring 25mm are quite common. It’s hard to find a tank without a bubble glass included in the box, and finding an RTA with a juice capacity of less than 3ml’s is nearly impossible.

Steam Crave, maker of the popular Aromamizer tank, has decided to raise the bar yet again. If their original GLAZ RDSA – a dripper that incorporated features of a rebuildable atty and squonker — wasn’t amazing enough then the second version of the GLAZ would surely do the trick. The 31mm monster works on the premise that bigger is most definitely better.

Here’s what the V2 has to offer

    • 31mm diameter
    • push to fill top
    • 7ml capacity with standard glass
    • 10ml capacity with bubble glass installed
    • post-less build deck
    • 2mm terminal holes
    • dual wicking ports
    • glass chiminey
    • adjustable bottom airflow (17 slots each measuring 1.5mm)
    • 9mm 810 drip tip
    • gold plated 510

The dual coil deck will accommodate even the biggest builds, and its angled bottom airflow will keep things cool while you vape. The tank measures 58mm from base to drip tip and weighs 3.7 ounces – nearly twice that of other tanks on the market.

The inside tank section of the GLAZ has been reinforced via a huge top o-ring and four metal brackets. And instead of using a stainless steel camber, Steam decided to go with a glass chimney, which helps promote crisp clean flavor. A stainless housing surrounds the glass, and ensures the unit will last through tips the occasional drop on the floor.

For filling, Steam Crave decided on a sleek sliding top fill system, complete with extra wide fill ports – which means vapers will spend less time squeezing 10ml worth of liquid into the beast of a topper.

The GLAZ is only available in three different colors: Black, Gunmetal, and SS. And that’s probably for the better, a 31mm RTA painted purple may be a bit of an eye sore.

Is The GLAZ Right For You?

The enormous tank was designed with flavor production in mind – each component engineered in such a way as to provide the best tasting vape possible. Steam Crave did not forget about cloud chasers though, and their post-less deck design will make a set of 3.5mm fused claptons look tiny in comparison.

If you’re into cool off the ‘beaten path’ vape gear, this is definitely a tank you’ll want to check out. They’re selling for $45 bucks currently, and that’s a steal considering what you get!

Purchase the GLAZ by Steam Crave here

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