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GeekVape is a brand that I always keep an eye on. They put out some great products and typically come up with some unique designs for their mods. GeekVape is perhaps known best for their Aegis Legend 220W mod, an ultra-durable beast that has a water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-resistant body. But it’s important to remember that GeekVape makes other mods and kits for a wide range of vapers. Another one of their impressive kits, the GeekVape Nova 200W Starter Kit, is also well worth your consideration. Featuring some truly great tech, here are 4 features of the GeekVape Nova 200W Starter kit that make it a great buy.

1. The AS Chip

A good chipset is a key component of a great box mod. The GeekVape Nova 200W starter kit has the AS chip, a chipset that runs fast, gives you a bunch of capabilities, and isn’t too complicated to figure out how to work with menus and subscreens. The AS chip offers several different vaping modes: Power Mode, TC Mode (for Ni200, Ti100, &AA316 coil materials), VPC mode (a customer power curve mode), Bypass mode and TCR mode. VPC mode is a huge plus for vapers who like the ability to create a custom curve vaping experience in which you can adjust the power settings in two second increments.

2.The GeekVape Cerebus Sub-Ohm Tank

Some starter kits disappoint in the sub-ohm tank pairing. Not the GeekVape Nova kit, though. The GeekVape Cerberus Sub-Ohm tank is solidly built, designed with a simple body, and comes with a 5.5ml bubble tank. You will also get a 4ml spare glass and spare o-rings. This tank is a top performer in both clouds and flavor. You can expect a good variety of options as far as coil compatibility, too. The GeekVape Cerberus works with the Super Mesh coils that are included. But it’s nice to know that it is also cross-compatible with the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast coil family. The only exception is the newer V8 Baby V2 family of coils, which are not compatible. 

3. The Super Mesh Coils

While the ability to use the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast coils give you options, it’s important to note just how good the GeekVape Super Mesh coils are. When you purchase the kit, it comes with two of the X1 Super Mesh coils. These rate at 0.2-ohms and work for power settings of 30 to 90W. The flavor and vapor quality from these coils will make you wonder if you even need to try the Cerebus with other coils and builds.

4. The Incredible Resin Design of the GeekVape Nova 220W Starter Kit

The Cerebus tank fits nicely on the GeekVape Nova mod, but the real stand-out of this kit is the resin design on the body of the mod. The body is a stainless steel frame with resin panels seamlessly integrated. The resin has a cool swirl design that resembles marble or a piece of art. There are quite a few color options for the Nova mod, with a choice of a gunmetal, black, or traditional stainless steel body.

The GeekVape Nova 200W Starter Kit is Great for Intermediate to Advanced Vapers

The Nova start kit may not be the best option for novice vapers. However, the AS chipset makes it easy to learn how to navigate the mod and utilize the various features. It’s best for intermediate and advanced vapers, though, because of the many vaping mode options. Whether you’re looking for a new kit or simply want a backup, the GeekVape Nova 200W Starter Kit is more than worth the price it runs for (about $60).

Already in love with the GeekVape Nova 200W Starter Kit? Purchase it here.

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