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GeekVape came out with a device that works with nicotine salts but isn’t your standard pod system. Pod systems have been flooding the market lately, but not everyone is a fan. So it’s always refreshing to see other options for MTL kits. The GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit offers simplicity, but also provides some features that make it easier to customize an MTL experience that for just about any vaper.

The Design of the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit

The GeekVape Flint Starter Kit is a small, tube kit. The design is simple but effective. The front face of the battery has a single hexagonal oversized fire button and the GeekVape logo. The outside is smooth, comfortable to grip, and doesn’t feel too slippery if you’re worried about dropping your kit.

The Flint Tank isn’t all that unique but has a textured airflow adjustment ring that makes turning it easier.

There are four different finishes: black, rainbow, gunmetal, and blue.

The Build

This is an internal battery device with 1000mAh of power. The micro-USB port is located on the backside of the mod. The chassis is high-quality stainless steel. At the top of the mod, there is a spring-loaded 510 connection.

It took me a minute to locate the LED light indicator, but the placement is a nice spot. It’s on the side, adjacent to the fire button, so you can see it a lot easier whenever you’re vaping.

One other notable feature is the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit’s IPX5 water resistance. This doesn’t mean that you can submerge this in water, but it is protected against splashes.

Operating the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit

The Flint Starter Kit is a standard five clicks of the fire button to turn it on and off. But, you can also click the fire button three times to swap through power settings. The exact wattage will depend on which of the two included coils you put in the tank. The voltage variation is approximately 3.8V at high (green light), 3.5V at medium (blue light, and 3.2V at low (red light).

The GeekVape Flint Tank

The Flint Tank is a 22mm diameter. As this is an MTL kit, the e-liquid capacity is 2ml. At the top, there is an MTL Ultem drip tip that is non-removable. That might be a small bummer for some. However, the draw with the Ultem tip is perfect for this setup.

The airflow system is a single side, fully adjustable ring on the bottom. Since this is an MTL tank, there are five incrementally sized holes approximately as follows: 0.8mm, 1.0mm. 1.4mm, 1.6mm, and 1.8mm.

To fill the tank, just slide open the top section. This will reveal the fill port. There is plenty of room to fit just about any bottle nose into the port, a plus here, especially when thinking about filling a pod system in comparison.

This tank is compatible with the GeekVape NS Coil Series and the kit can handle 1.0 to 3.0-ohm output resistance.

The Coils

The included coils are both nichrome (Ni80) material and have organic cotton wicking. The 1.2-ohm NS Coil has a wattage output of 8.5W-12W depending on your setting. The other coil is a 1.6-ohm that works at 6.4-9W on the GeekVape Flint Mod.

Vaping with the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit

I vaped the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit with Maui Sun Nic Salt from Naked 100. From the first hit, I was impressed with the flavor from the NS coils. It’s a flavorful, pure vape. The clouds are, of course, a lot less thick than you’d get on a sub-ohm tank. But nonetheless, they were larger than I initially expected and certainly more vapor than you’d get out of a pod system.

This kit is so compact! It’s very comfortable to vape with and, might I add, perfect if you are a stealth vaper.

The 1000mAH battery did not let me down. With the strong hits from the nic salt, I was vaping this a lot less frequently than I would a 3mg juice on a sub-ohm device. I was able to get about six hours of charge before I needed to plug in. That was with moderate usage. Lighter usage, and you may squeeze out eight hours.

The airflow ring delivers a fine-tuned MTL hit. For myself, I preferred the airflow in the middle at 1.4mm, but each setting delivered a true MTL vape.

An MTL Vape Device With Good Functionality and Flavor

The GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit is a darn good device. If you don’t want a pod system, but want a device that delivers a great MTL experience and works with nic salts, then this is the one. I love the size. Even with it being small, the size is a little squatty to compensate for that 1000mAh battery, but that’s a pro. Although the battery may not take you through a full day, it’s easy to recharge via micro-USB and does last an average to above average amount of time for this sort of device.

If you’re bummed about not being able to swap out the drip tip, I get it. But for the purpose of this kit, it does the job and feels comfortable to vape on for long periods of time. The incremental airflow is fantastic and the ability to change your voltage setting is a big plus. This device should suit just about any MTL vaper because of the ability to customize your airflow and power setting.

And since this thing only runs for about $30-40, I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

Purchase the GeekVape Flint MTL Starter Kit here

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