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GeekVape tries to keep up with the pack. And thankfully, this brand has jumped on the bandwagon and created a resin tank with a mesh coil system. We’re not mad about it! Sleek and stylish resin sub-ohm tanks have been a huge vaping trend over the past year. We recently reviewed the GeekVape Nova 200W Starter Kit and the Aegis Legend mod. If GeekVape’s tanks are anything like their successful mods, they’ve got to be pretty good, right? Still, there are plenty of tank with mesh coils out there. Is the GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm tank worthy of acclaim?

The GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank: Like Any Other Resin Design?

A lot of tanks over the past year have fallen into a sort of new, standardized look. The resin design of the GeekVape Alpha isn’t too cookie cutter though. It bears a resemblance to the swirled design on some of the FreeMax FireLuke colors, but GeekVape managed to keep the design in a little corner of its own.

There are five different color options: the three with a silver steel chassis are Silver Ember (red resin), Silver Twilight (Blue Resin), and Silver Flare (a multi-colored swirled resin). There is also a black steel chassis called Black Onyx (with an onyx black resin) and a blue steel chassis called Blue Onyx. All of the colors are stunning, but they may not be so easy to match with your mod, unless you’ve got a solid color mod or one with a resin design.

The Build Details

The chassis is crafted from steel and coated with resin. It’s a 25mm tank with a bubble glass that gives you a 4ml capacity for vape juice. The Alpha also comes with a spare 2ml glass. The drip tip is a wide bore 810, in matching resin. The 510 pin is gold plated, with smooth threading so you don’t have to worry about wearing it down anytime soon.

The airflow is located on the bottom, with dual slots and a nice size to get some quality clouds out of the Alpha. The top fill system is similar to some of the other popular tanks. It’s a push-to-open, like some of the recent atomizers from SMOK. It’s convenient and an almost leak-free design, so that’s a win for the Alpha. But how does it vape? Let’s talk about the coils.

The MeshMellow Coil Series

GeekVape created the new MeshMellow coil series to use with the Alpha. Instead of organic cotton from just anywhere, these coils use imported Egyptian organic cotton. GeekVape claims that this cotton is of a higher grade, with no artificial taste to speak of and nothing used on the cotton like bleaching agents.

I’ve tried a bunch of different organic cotton coils, and it’s hard to imagine that there would be much difference here. But the wicking material does matter, especially for flavor and the lifespan of your coil.

The GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm tank comes with two of the MM coils: the MM X1 and the MM X2.

The MM X1 Coil

The MM X1 is a single mesh coil rated at 0.2-ohms with an output range of 60-110W. I tried this one first. After priming it up with Yuki by Yami Vapor, I let it sit for fifteen minutes to make sure the wicking was saturated. Then I paired the Alpha with my GeekVape Blade mod and started vaping. The flavor started out muted — but after a few minutes, it came through strong. At 60W, the flavor is nice, but it was more mellow. After I turned the wattage up to 85W, I hit the sweet spot. I’m not certain that the cotton material used in these coils is the reason for such nice, pure flavor, but the Alpha is comparable to the FreeMax tanks. The cloud production was on point with this coil as well, especially at those higher wattages.

The MM X2 Coil

I tested the MM X2 coil next. This one is a dual mesh 0.4-ohm coil head for 50-80W. Again, the flavor was quite good. I preferred this coil around 60 or 70W. At 80W, I did notice a slight drop off in flavor quality, but it was very mild. The clouds from this coil were also pretty impressive, even though it’s a mid-range wattage coil.

Does the GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Deserve Your Attention?

If you like some pure flavor when you vape, even at those higher wattages, the Alpha definitely deserves consideration. I didn’t notice any issues with the coils. They perform very well, except for that little drop off in flavor I noticed with the MM X2 coil. It was so subtle though, it may go almost completely unnoticed. The MeshMellow coils are great in terms of flavor and clouds. To even be compared to a FreeMax tank means this tank is good.

I had no leaking problems, no spitback, and the Alpha fit nice and snug on all of my mods. The coil lifespan is equal to many of the other mesh varieties as well, with an average of about two weeks if vaped with properly. The Alpha runs for about thirty dollars, too, which is a great deal for a winning mesh system and sturdy construction.

Purchase the GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank here

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