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GeekVape’s original Aegis was a single 18650 mod that boasted durability. So, it only seems fitting that the follow-up technology to the Aegis would be the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W. The Aegis Legend is extremely durable. I mean, you can beat this mod up in everyday use, even in outdoor situations, and this mod still functions. So why is the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W one of the most durable mods on the market? Let’s get down to it.

The GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod is Water Resistant

No, that doesn’t mean you can go swimming with the GeekVape Aegis Legend, or do anything outside of the usual. What it does mean, though, is if you’re known for dropping electronics into the pool, the bathtub, or otherwise, you’re covered. GeekVape claims that the Aegis Legend can survive for thirty minutes, submerged in up to about three feet of water. That’s pretty significant!

In testing the water-resistance, water does not even come into the battery compartment. That’s because GeekVape created a special seal on the battery door that keeps water from soaking your batteries.

Don’t Worry, The GeekVape Aegis Legend is Shockproof

Have you dropped a mod before and scratched the paint, dented the device, or worse? The Aegis Legend’s body is constructed out of a durable aluminum, zinc, and silicone. The exterior is rubberized for protection, and the mod has a military standard 810G-516.6 Shockproof system. In fact, GeekVape says that you can drop this thing up to about three feet without worry. Any higher than that, though, and you might damage your mod’s batteries, so I don’t suggest testing out extreme heights with this thing.

The body and durability alone make this box mod a great option for those of you who like to take your mod outdoors. Or if you’re just sick of dropping your mod and would like something that can withstand accidents.

The Build is Completely Solid (Oh Yeah, and it’s Dust-Resistant, Too)

The construction of the GeekVape Aegis Legend is probably one of the most solid box mods I have ever seen. And on top of that, it isn’t as heavy, or even as bulky as you might expect it to be! GeekVape went out of their way to create a tough mod that can come out free and clear of water damage (in most normal scenarios), drops, and yes, dust. There are some reviewers who have put the Aegis Legend under huge amounts of stress and still, the Legend works!

Other Reasons the Aegis Legend is a Helluva Mod and the Legend Starter Kit is a Great Buy

Pretty true to the name it’s been given, the Legend isn’t great just for the durability. The mod has a 200W max output, uses dual 18650 batteries, and has multiple vaping modes that most companies are using standard now. The Aegis Legend 200W offers standard Power mode, TC mode (Ti, Ni, and SS), TCR mode, and CCW (custom curve wattage) mode. The functions on this mod are all equivalent to the expectations of other mods on the market, and maybe better.

Interested in adding this to your collection? Purchase the GeekVape Aegis Legend Box Mod here!

Looking for a full kit? The Aegis Legend is available as a full starter kit with the Aero Sub-Ohm Tank.

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