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Do you love the idea of two e-liquid manufacturers collaborating on vape juice? We do, too! Nasty Juice is a premium e-liquid brand based out of Malaysia, and it has become popular around the globe. Kilo E-Liquids—known for their top-notch e-liquids with amazing flavor profiles—come out of La Mirada, California. So what happens when these two brands collaborate on juices? I picked up a bottle of Gambino by Nasty X Kilo E-Liquid to find out.

Gambino by Nasty X Kilo E-Liquid Packaging

Gambino’s box is a stylish, playing card-inspired design with gorgeous sketches and a highlight of gold on the logo and panels. The box really looks like something you would want to display in a frame and makes it pretty evident that you’re about to vape premium quality juice.

The Flavor: Like A Ripe Fruit Salad and a Tinge of Koolada

The packaging doesn’t give you a big clue as to what flavors you’ll be vaping, but once you open the bottle, you can immediately smell the fruity blend. Not just any fruit blend, though. This is almost like a fresh fruit salad, with strawberries, oranges, and ripe banana. I’ve got to admit that I always experience a bit of doubt when it comes to fruit blends, because it seems like some of them aren’t very unique. I was pleasantly surprised by Gambino e-liquid.

Vaping Experience with Gambino by Nasty X Kilo E-Liquid

I tried Gambino with an RDA set up first, because sometimes you just get a purer flavor with them. The strawberry and orange profiles were the strongest, followed by a milder banana taste and finally, a cooling sensation in the throat due to the koolada. I switched to a box mod and sub-ohm tank combo, using a Freemax FireLuke tank on my SMOK Species mod. The mesh coils really enhanced the fruit flavors, and I noticed a bit more banana this second time around.

Gambino was incredibly smooth, with a subtle throat hit and that nice cooling finish that reminded me of a fresh fruit bowl on a summer day, or even some sort of refreshing fruity drink. I preferred this liquid anywhere from 60-90W for the best flavor, but it still tasted great when I lowered my power settings down to 40W. After vaping Gambino for a while, I can honestly say I have only gotten happier with the flavor combination.

Cloud production is what you would expect from a 70/30 blend—nice, thick clouds, but nothing out of this world.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in a 60ml Squeeze Bottle

Price is $20 for 60ml of e-liquid

Looking for Your Next Fruit Juice? Give Gambino a Shot!

Overall, the flavor from Gambino by Nasty X Kilo E-Liquid is pretty outstanding. This is not your typical fruit blend, especially since they chose to use a koolada instead of a menthol profile. It keeps the fruit flavor pure, but still gives you a cooling sensation in the back of your throat. The price for this e-liquid isn’t too bad either, considering it’s manufactured by two premium e-liquid companies. If you want a stronger banana flavor, you might be disappointed, but that’s the only problem I can find with Gambino. The blending of the strawberry and orange profiles is just too good.

Purchase Gambino by Nasty X Kilo E-Liquid here.

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