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Juice Dimension is a line of e-liquids by Yami Vapor. Yami is a best-selling e-juice brand known for their unique flavor combinations like Mango Mangosteen, Portuguese Egg Tart, and Apple-Peach-Lychee. Their juices are perfect for the flavor chaser in you, plus they have something for nearly everyone. If you’re a pineapple fanatic, you won’t want to miss out on this one: Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension, a line from Yami Vapor.

Branding and Packaging

The graphic design on the box and bottle of Fruit Sphere e-liquid is like the other flavors in the Juice Dimension line. You’ll see an eye-catching black and white background, with a character in the center. The figure is rather obscured and can be seen holding a glowing ball of light (or in this case, the magical “Fruit Sphere”).

The packaging is unique without being too gimmicky, which is something that Yami does well in the Juice Dimension line. The brand logo is in a banner at the top, with the flavor name centered.


Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension is described as a citrus blend, with orange, pineapple and kumquat.

Vaping Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension

When I unscrewed the cap, I could already tell that this juice would be pretty flavorful. It smells amazing, although I didn’t notice the kumquat just from the scent. For my setup, I used my Augvape Skynet Mesh Sub-Ohm tank and paired it with the new VooPoo Drag 2 177W Box Mod. I vaped Fruit Sphere with the Skynet 0.15-ohm coil at 60W first and took it all the way up to 85W.

The flavors popped near 70W. In the forefront of this blend was the orange: nice and sweet, with a slight tang. And then the pineapple hit pretty hard. If you can’t stand pineapple, you wouldn’t be able to stomach this juice. The kumquat flavor is more noticeable toward the middle or on the exhale. Fruit Sphere E-Liquid is carefully blended, and although the pineapple is the strongest profile, you get a nice balance all-in-all.

Cloud Production

Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension is a 70-30 VG/PG blend. At those higher wattages, I was getting some nice, dense clouds. The vapor could easily fill a room in ten minutes.

The Basics of Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension (Yami Vapor)

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Price is $22.99 for 100ml

Absolutely Love Pineapple and Citrus with a Sweet Finish? Pick up a Bottle of Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension

The pineapple reigns! Fruit Sphere E-Liquid is very much a citrus blend, but remains more of a sweet vapor experience, with just a hint of tart citrus. The kumquat is a nice little curveball to add to the orange and pineapple flavors, and it gives the juice that extra-special-something to make it stand out. It’s soft from start to finish, with just a slight throat hit, and a clean finish without any bitter aftertaste. This juice is a premium quality blend, but you can still get 100ml of e-liquid for less than $25, so it doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Ready to buy? Pick up a bottle of Fruit Sphere E-Liquid by Juice Dimension here.

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