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If you’re a fan of classic black-and-white movies, no doubt you’ve watched hospital scenes show patients languishing in bed, but still able to smoke a cigarette. For modern movie buffs, it’s doubtful they will ever see a patient vaping in bed unless it’s satire.

At least one English pro-smoking group hopes to make it a reality, fighting for fewer vaping restrictions on hospital grounds, according to The Press Association.

The Freedom Organisation (sic) for the Right to Enjoy Smoking (FOREST), recently released a report suggesting a majority of NHS Trusts prohibited the outside use of e-cigarettes. The restrictions remained, despite Public Health England (PHE) recommending more freedom for patients, visitors and individuals electing to vape onsite, FOREST stated.

In its report, FOREST sent out 200 freedom on information requests to NHS Trusts throughout England, receiving feedback from 170 institutions from July-December 2018, The Press Association reported.

Among its findings, nearly 45 percent of responders allowed vaping on hospital grounds and 11 percent, mostly in the mental health space, permitted indoor vaping.

FOREST’s report goes on to suggest change is coming. About 14 percent of the trusts are considering altering their policies to allow vaping on the grounds and in shelters and wards.

FOREST also pointed to traditional cigarette smokers, whose rights also should be covered.

“We welcome the fact that some trusts are reviewing their policies on the use of e-cigarettes, but adopting a more sensible approach to vaping shouldn’t come at the price of a complete ban on smoking,” FOREST Director Simon Clark said. “Banning smoking on hospital grounds demonstrates a staggering lack of compassion for smokers who may be stressed, upset and in need of a comforting cigarette.

“A reasonable policy would lift restrictions on vaping, but give those who prefer to smoke the option of sheltered smoking areas.”

Stay tuned to see if FOREST’s script needs a rewrite.

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