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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had been expecting the state’s latest vaping ban legislation to land on his capital desk in Tallahassee.

This measure centered on workplaces throughout the state. Initially introduced as a constitutional amendment and placed on last November’s ballot by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, Senate Bill 7012 united a ban on workplace vaping with e-cigarette use at offshore oil drilling facilities, according to CBSMiami/NSF.

Meanwhile, a vaping proposal to cut down on teen vaping faltered and apparently will not be revived during this session, WLRN reported.

A house committee failed to advance a bill which aimed to alter the meaning of tobacco products by adding all nicotine products and devices, including e-cigarettes.

Speaking to the committee, Rep. Mike Hill, a Republican who sponsored the measure, was at a loss after it failed.

“In the last few years according to the FDA, electronic nicotine delivery systems has become an epidemic with youth,” Hill said. “One in 4 seniors in high school have been using it, and one in 10 youth in middle school have been using it.”

Apparently, the issue of workplace vaping was more important as the state Senate unanimously agreed in March to pass the voter-approved legislation to the House of Representatives. The house on April 11 followed by unanimously passing the constitutional amendment.

With voters approving the measure and the lawmakers voting in unison, current workplace vapors should expect DeSantis to embrace the overwhelming majority and sign the bill into law.

The legislation mirrors the smoking of traditional cigarettes at indoor work facilities, according to CBSMiami/NSF.

Politics aside, vaping will remain legal at reserved hotel rooms, retail tobacco establishments and stand-alone bars, night clubs and taverns.

Similar to the law which prohibits teens from possessing combustible cigarettes under the age of 18, WLRN reported the dead teen e-cigarette bill would have made it illegal for minors to possess any kind of vaping devices, including non-nicotine products.

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