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Residents of Florida and Vermont – it’s time to defend your rights. Lawmakers in both states have proposed harmful vaping legislation that will affect your ability to vape. We’ve got details on who you need to contact and how to reach them — but first, let’s take a moment to detail what each state is trying to do.


HB 922 is a new piece of legislation that would impose a 46% wholesale tax on vaping products in the state. As you can probably imagine, this is not a good thing.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing today (April 11). This is not open to the public, and only invited speakers will be allowed to offer their thoughts. However, the fight isn’t over – concerned citizens can voice their opinions by contacting Finance Committee members here:

Vermont Finance Committee contact form

As always, remember to be polite and thoughtful in your comments. Together, we can stop this harmful vaping legislation in its tracks.


Things in the sunshine state are slightly less dire, but no less disturbing.

Once every two decades, Florida’s Constitutional Revision Committee meets to consider possible amendments to the state constitution. 20 years ago, they passed the ban on smoking in the workplace. This time around, vaping is in their sights.

This year’s potential amendment would look to ban vaping in all the places where smoking cigarettes is also outlawed. This would essentially end all indoor vaping in the state.

If this does make it onto a ballot, things could get tricky. As CASAA points out, the amendment to ban vaping where smoking is not allowed would be paired with an amendment to ban oil drilling in Florida – which is slightly confusing since the two things have nothing in common.

Don’t panic yet, though – there’s still time to contact the committee and share your thoughts.

CASAA recommends telling them if you’ve given up cigarettes completely in favor of vaping, or simply relating how vaping has improved the quality of your life.

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