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Flave Lab is a premium e-liquid brand that produces some nice juices, sold in 30, 60, and 120ml bottles. I’ve tried a couple of their other juices, like Custard Envy (a vanilla custard e-juice) and Florida’s Key (a key lime pie flavor). All of their juices are a 70/30 VG/PG blend. Flave Lab’s juices cost around $25 for a 60ml bottle, which isn’t too bad, but it’s on the pricier side if you’re trying to vape on a budget. The good news is, you can find it cheaper in a 120ml size. I’ve been vaping Melon Bubble Rush by Flave Lab E-Liquid for about a week now, and although I would like to add this e-liquid to my list of favorites, I’m afraid it doesn’t quite make it to the top.


The packaging of Melon Bubble Rush e-liquid is simple. It is sold in a glass bottle with a dropper or a gorilla squeeze bottle. The Flave Lab branding is across the front, with a scientific themed logo featuring a rounded glass beaker, bubbling up with liquid. Flave Lab’s first impression is simple and clean. The actual e-juice color of Melon Bubble Rush is either clear, or if you purchase the breast cancer awareness version, a pale pink.


Melon Bubble Rush is a mild watermelon bubble gum flavor. The aroma of this e-liquid gives the impression that the juice will have a nice, strong flavor profile — however, once you vape it, it’s actually pretty mild. I wish there was a bit more balance from this blend. The watermelon flavor is noticeable toward the end of your draw, but it’s a bit overpowered by the bubble gum notes.

Vaping Melon Bubble Rush by Flave Lab E-Liquid

Even though the blend is higher VG, there is some really nice cloud production from Flave Lab juices. Even vaping as low as 50 or 60W, the clouds are sizeable. Melon Bubble Rush definitely performs well as far as cloud production goes. I tried vaping this juice at a higher wattage, using my SMOK Species kit. I started out around 80 and cranked it up to 95W, but I still didn’t notice much of an increase in the watermelon profile. The bubblegum flavor is quite nice, without getting too sweet as one would expect. But nonetheless, the flavor from this e-juice is milder, so if you’re looking for strong flavor, look elsewhere.

I purchased a 6mg bottle, and especially at higher vape settings, I did experience a decent throat hit from this juice.

Product Specs of Melon Bubble Rush

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 120ml Gorilla Bottle, or a glass dropper in 30-60ml

Retail Price is $25 for 60ml, but you can get it at 120ml for $11.99

Rating Melon Bubble Rush by Flave Lab E-Liquid

Although this e-liquid has some nice flavor, I would like it to be stronger. The watermelon is more of an aftertaste, and I would’ve preferred it to be more at the forefront of this liquid. The cloud production is great, the throat hit isn’t too heavy and still delivers, and the packaging does look like a nice premium juice as Flave Lab wants it to be. The quality of Melon Bubble Rush is fantastic, and it’s worth vaping, but if you’re looking for strong watermelon flavor like I was, or simply a stronger e-liquid overall, then you might be better off trying a different flavor from this company. That being said, if you prefer milder e-liquids, this one is pretty easy to vape on.

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