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Lizard Juice is an online and retail manufacturer of vape juice, as well as a merchant of e-cigarette products. They stand behind what they sell. In fact, on their website, they state: “We aren’t going to clutter our product line with a lot of generic, cheaply made products to create the illusion of a wide variety of choices. The fact is, there are only a few devices that are genuinely user-friendly and well made. Lizard Juice’s product development team have sorted through the huge variety of e-cigs. What we sell is what we know are the best e-cigs and e-juices to get you vaping, and keep you coming back.” This is my first time trying any of the juices made by Lizard Juice, so let’s dive in and see how it performs.

First Impressions: Packaging

Lizard Juice does a nice job with offering a line of basic e-liquids that are affordable and recognizable. In the background, there is a green lizard, with their website showcased directly beneath the flavor of the e-liquid. Simple, but effective. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle with a protective cap.


I’m not typically the vaper who habitually smells their e-liquid before giving it a try. But you can’t really help it when you open up the bottle of Fireball E-Liquid by Lizard Juice. I was hit with a smooth scent of cinnamon, with warm undertones of whiskey. It smells just like you’d expect, which made me all the more excited to load up a coil and give it a vape.

The Flavor

On their website, Lizard Juice describes Fireball as follows: “a delicious cinnamon whiskey vape juice,” going on to say, “if you like the shot, you’ll love the vape!” I haven’t tried too many of these liquor-inspired flavors, so I’m just getting my feet wet in this flavor category.

Vaping Fireball E-Liquid by Lizard Juice

This liquid actually came across my desk from a friend who had purchased some Lizard Juice products. That’s the great thing about the vaping community. If you’ve got friends who vape, they’ll likely share their finds with you. The bottle I used was a 6mg. I decided to use this e-juice with SMOK Species Kit. I use it a lot for reviews because it’s a powerful, reliable kit and the TFV8 Baby V2 Tank has a great mesh coil series.

This juice was pretty addicting after that first vape. On the inhale, I got a delicate cinnamon flavor: nice and sweet, with a subtle spice that doesn’t kill the experience. The whiskey flavor came in the middle and the exhale. This juice is so nicely mixed, that really, you get a consistent cinnamon whiskey flavor with every vape. I much preferred this juice at around 65-85W. I did notice that the cinnamon felt a bit strong past 85 for me, but that’s most likely a personal preference.

Product Information

Available in 0, 6, 12, and 18mg of nicotine

Sold in a 15ml Plastic Squeeze Bottle

Price is $12.00 for 15ml of E-Liquid

An Affordable, Cinnamon Whiskey Vape? Yes, Please!

I like to keep vapers on a budget in mind here. Or really any vaper who likes a variety of flavors, but may not want to continually pay premium prices for juices that could have a comparable option. If this speaks of the quality of Lizard Juice’s e-liquids, then I’m in. Fireball E-Liquid is a pleasure to vape. The juice manages to deliver a sweet and spicy taste, as well as those whiskey notes, in a harmonious balance. I only noticed a slightly different taste at above 85W. I tested this at lower wattages with a different tank, and even as low as 25W, was able to get those nice flavor profiles.

It’s affordable, it’s a nice beverage vape, and Lizard Juice offers a “love it, or we’ll replace it”  guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose with Fireball E-Liquid.

Purchase Fireball E-Liquid By Lizard Juice on their website.

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