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The Finest E-Liquid is a premium e-liquid company that offers some nice fruit combinations, as well as some sweet and sour juices. Their website claims that their brand is dedicated to “fostering originality and innovation with each hand-crafted flavor” as well as retaining great business-consumer relationships. Their e-liquids are reasonably priced, and though the flavors aren’t unlike other juices I’ve seen before, they make for a solid choice when choosing a new flavor to vape.

The Finest E-Liquid: Fruit Edition Juices

Finest has a fruit line of three different flavor blends. These juices are sold in a pack of two 60ml unicorn bottles and have your choice of 0-6mg of nicotine. A 70/30 VG/PG blend, these run for $19.99 for 120ml of e-liquid, which makes them more affordable than other e-liquid brands that tote themselves as premium. The most unique one of the line is probably the Apple Pearadise E-Liquid or their Mango Berry E-Liquid.

Apple Pearadise E-Liquid

Apple Pearadise is a blend of apples and, you guessed it, pear. The apple flavor is more pronounced, while the pear is most noticeable toward the exhale. Although I’ve seen some apple and pear juices before, this one is up there in my top three. It’s clean, sweet, and finishes nicely.  

Berry Blast E-Liquid

If you like more traditional berry blends, The Finest E-Liquid offers Berry Blast. It’s a tart and sweet myriad of ripe berries, namely strawberries and raspberries, with a touch of blackberry flavor. This juice is sweeter than it is tart, but the hint of tartness adds something special to a classic berry juice.

Mango Berry E-Liquid

Mango Berry E-Liquid is a straight up win. It’s a super simple flavor profile: just mango and ripe strawberries. This juice should be appealing if you’ve been searching for a mango e-liquid that isn’t bombarded with other tropical fruits. Sometimes, you just want clean and simple, and it’s easy to respect that with The Finest’s fruit line.

The Finest E-Liquid Sweet and Sour Line

If you’d rather have a fruity e-liquid that’s reminiscent of sour candy, The Finest E-Liquid has that, too. These juices are all 70/30 like their fruit line, and are also available in 0-6mg of nicotine, but instead of a twin pack of 60ml bottles, these are sold in one 100ml chubby gorilla bottle.

You’ve got your pick of Strawmelon Sour E-Liquid (a strawberry and watermelon juice that’s mostly sweet, with only a hint of sour), Apple Peach Sour (an apple and peach in a perfect balance: sweet on the inhale, with a sour finish), and Blue-Berries Lemon Swirl (an interesting combo of blueberry, blue raspberry, and a slightly tart lemon underneath). The Sweet and Sour line is also available “On Ice” with cool menthol.

Want to Give Some Juices From The Finest E-Liquid a Try?

Why not? They’re a more affordable option at $19.99. Tried and tested, they vape well, and do have some uniqueness in the undertones of flavor. Although the juice blends aren’t the most unique you’ll find, you might make one of these flavors your next favorite standby. They’re crazy easy to vape.

You can find The Finest E-Liquid available for purchase here.

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