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The federal vaping crackdown continues.

Warning shots were fired last May by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) when the government agencies cautioned companies against marketing e-liquids with kid-friendly monikers.

In the aftermath of this federal vaping crackdown, which was backed by the Trump administration, at least 17 companies stopped producing products resembling candies and other sweet snacks, according to an Aug. 23 report by

Over the past four years, vaping among teenagers has surged, rising more than 900 percent. About 2.1 million minors vaped at least once last year, Soter Technologies said in its sales campaign. Soter develops vapor detecting systems used as schools throughout the country.

The recent government action against kid-friendly e-liquids was executed after government officials scolded the FDA over an apparent lack of action against teenage vaping.

“I am concerned that FDA’s silence on e-cigarettes could open the door to the next public health emergency,” Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) told Gottlieb during an April appropriations hearing.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb credited his agency’s recent performance for making a difference in the politicians’ battle against the vaping industry. Among the 17 companies who agreed to halt production of certain e-liquids represented associations from distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, reported.

“When companies market these products using imagery that misleads a child into thinking they’re things they’ve consumed before, like a juice box or candy, that can create an imminent risk of harm to a child who may confuse the product for something safe and familiar,” Gottlieb was quoted as saying.

Last April, during a broad crackdown, the FDA handed out citations to about 40 retail stores for allowing minors to purchase JUUL products, which is a federal violation.

Careful. Big Brother is watching.

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