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Vaping industry leaders are sounding a lot like President Trump.  

“Vaping fake news.”  

“Vaping fake news.”  

“Vaping fake news.”  

One of the main differences between the shouts of e-cigarette insiders and the leader of the free world is the fears of misinformation could be based on reality for upstart vaping companies, according to ocregister.com 

Aided by a series of recent research studies, here is a sampling of actual news that should not be ignored: e-cigarettes are proving to be far less risky than combustible cigarettes and remains a popular pathway for longtime smokers to follow en route to quitting.   

Fake news that should not be ignored is the number of misleading stories the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has peddled to the American public.    

The most recent fear tactic used by the FDA was a dandy: vaping causes seizures. Several major media outlets took the news nugget a few weeks ago and released similar stories.   

“Vaping fake news.”  

The reality is only 35 events were reported over the past nine years and most of the cases involved individuals who had histories of the infliction. Accurate timelines also could not be substantiated. A few of the incidents happened hours later or the next day, according to ocregister.com 

The hard facts suggest with 10.8 million users and 3.88 seizures each year, vapers are about two million times less likely to suffer a seizure. That’s an astounding figure.    

Fear-mongering has long been a go-to tactic by federal and health officials, aiming to spread exaggerated tales to over-estimate an issue to acquire public attention and make them believe one thing.  

When it’s not.  

Remember the claim that vaping will equal the health hazards of traditional cigarettes. Well, smoking kills more than 500,000 Americans per year and remains the top preventable death in the U.S., according to ocregister.com 

Granted, more long-term research is needed on vaping, but the Public Health England (PHE) announced last year more than one million smokers quit with the aid of vaping since 2014. PHE also announced in 2015 vaping was 95 percent safer than combustible cigarettes.   

Still, the FDA and other health organizations will tap into the fear factor to continue to spin its anti-vaping campaign.  

“Fake news.” 

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