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Heat-not-burn (HNB) vaping devices are getting burned.

Plain and simple.

Despite the fact HNB products are clinically proven to be far less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) intends to keep on bullying the new kid on the block.

It doesn’t seem to matter that HNB products have proven to be a significant aid for individuals attempting to quit smoking, they will continue to be regulated like combustible cigarettes. The FCTC, a splinter organization within the World Health Organization (WHO), concluded its eighth meeting of state parties Oct. 6 in Geneva and was not swayed by the potential life-saving arguments presented by the tobacco industry, according to

Upon the get-together’s closing gavel, the FCTC ruled HNB products should be covered with nearly the same sales and marketing bans as old-school cigarettes.

FCTC Chief Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva was not moved by tobacco’s “harm reduction strategy,” reported.

“Their only objective is to sell their products,” Costa e Silva said.

The FCTC’s rulings are not law. They are intended to be recommendations for community leaders to review.

FCTC Consultant Carmen Audera conceded HNB devices have fewer health risks than cigarettes, but ranked tobacco-free e-cigarettes as a safer vice.

Audera explained HNB products have not been on the market long enough to understand their potential down-the-road effects, but rationalized if HNB devices were not available, fewer smokers will be successful in their attempts to quit.

“People who have the intention to quit don’t quit because these substances are in the market,” Audera said. “This is what the tobacco industry knows – people go back to the real thing (cigarettes).”

Representing the tobacco industry, Philip Morris International Vice President of Scientific and Public Communications Moira Gilchrist said the FCTC missed an opportunity and “so far has not fully recognized the potential benefits of tobacco harm-reduction products.”

Color us not surprised…