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Exploding batteries in electronic cigarettes remain a concern – to everyone.

The latest incident was captured by store video, according to an Aug. 28 report by fox13news.com.

HDTV Outlet customer Mohamad Abdihdy stood in the back of the television warehouse in Anaheim, Calif., when his right pants pocket sparked at least five times and caught fire.

Abdihdy said he suddenly felt a shock while shopping and before he could react, his leg was being burned, badly. With sparks shooting outward, the store manager said the situation could have deteriorated instantly if a spark from the exploding batteries ignited one of the many surrounding cardboard boxes, fox13news.com reported.

While Abdihdy was able to walk out of the store on his own power, ABC7.com described the nature of his burns as “serious.”

From 2008-16, a U.S. Fire Administration study investigated 195 instances of individuals who experienced exploding vaping devices, including 61 occurring in the peoples’ pants pockets.

Recent events such as North Carolina resident Kevin King suffering “the worst pain I’ve ever been in in my life.” At the time, King was driving his car home when the lithium-ion batteries contacted loose change in King’s pocket, igniting a spark. Appearing on Today, King described the burns he suffered throughout his body.

Another incident caught on video at an Owensboro, Ken., gas station in Feb. 2016. Customer Josh Hamilton stood at the counter when – suddenly – sparks started shooting out of his pants pockets.

“I was shocked!” store employee Manoj Kumar was quoted as saying. “I was like, ‘What was that? You have a bomb in your pocket?’”

Not a bomb, but an expanding problem.

His pants burning, Hamilton was seen reaching into his pocket and pulling out an e-cigarette device. Meanwhile, store employees acted quickly to help, including Jassie Singh, who distinguished the fire by spraying Hamilton with an extinguisher. Hamilton was left with second-degree burns.

With each exploding incident, the vaping industry also gets burned.

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