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Can you tell when it’s time to change your vape coil? Are you new to vaping and feel unsure of how to change it yourself? Or are you an experienced vaper ready to take your experience to the next level?

Here is everything you need to know to select the right replacement coil for you.

What the Vape Coil Does

The vape coil is the unit housed inside the glass cartridge. A vape coil typically screws directly into your vaping mod (the battery unit that gives the electrical charge to the coil).

The vape coils are the key component in turning e-liquid into vapor. They are housed just inside wick, which is the cord that delivers the e-liquid to the coil.

How to Tell When Its Time to Change

If you are a moderate vaper you can expect to change your coil every two weeks. “Chain vaping” can cause your wick to go bad even sooner. If you are a light vaper, you can expect to change it even less. The average lifespan of a coil with light usage is about three weeks.

You can expect to experience a burnt taste from your unit when your coil needs to be changed.

An old vape coil will often have a dark burnt brown color. This is a good visual cue that you’re ready for a new one.

Tips for Newbies: Don’t Do This

Dry hits can cause your vape coil to burn. This is caused when the cotton inside heats up without any e-liquid inside. If you go to take a pull on a cartridge that’s out of e-liquid, you may be suddenly hit with a terrible burnt taste.

Your coil may be cashed, so be sure to check before adding any more of your ADV liquid.

Know the Difference

When it comes to vape coils, you have many options to choose from. Knowing what wire is in your coil (and which style of coil you prefer) helps you customize your vaping experience.


Kanthal is the most common, offers no temperature control, uses wattage mode. This is an iron-chromium-aluminum alloy. Kanthal is a cheap, easy to use option.


NiChrome is very common, offers no temperature control, and uses wattage mode. It also has a lower heat resistance/heats faster. This material can melt at a lower temperature than other coils, so be cautious of dry hits! NiChrome is a bit harder to find than Kanthal and contains nickel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is much less common, but can use both temperature and wattage mode. This wire is comprised of chromium, nickel, and carbon and heats up faster than Kanthal. Stainless steel also comes in a variety of purity grades to choose from.


Nickel is very common, and a temperature-controlled style. It can also have difficulty holding its shape.


Titanium is controversial because of some safety concerns associated with its use. This temperature-controlled wire has been the subject of debate over wether titanium coils are safe to use because of the toxic nature of titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide is released by titanium when heated, and could pose a threat to your health. We recommend skipping this option to avoid any potential harm.

Wire gauges are another varying component in coils. They come in a variety of thickness. Some of the most commonly used diameters are 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, and 22.

When selecting an option, be sure that your coil is compatible with your mod before purchasing. You can also try searching for vape coils by looking up favored brands.

Popular vape coil brands include SMOK, JoyeTech, Kangertech, Aspire, and Vaporesso. This is by no means a full list, but browsing these options will help get you started. It’s easy to find these brands online, or in your local smoke shop.

Have you tried the options and feel ready to build your own?

How to Change Your Coil

If it’s your first time changing your coil, don’t be alarmed. The process is simpler than it sounds.

Don’t dismantle the tank when it’s full of juice. This may seem like a given, but even if the tank is nearly empty, you’ll be surprised at just how much of a mess it can make. Be sure to have a paper towel nearby just in case things get sticky.

To begin, unscrew the top of the tank and remove the old coil.

Coil changes are also a great time to clean your tank. Be sure to check out our step by step tank cleaning guide for more info.

You can then install your new coil by twisting it into place. Once you’ve secured the new coil, reassemble the tank.

You’ll want to add your favorite vape juice now and let the wick soak up the juice.

At this time, you can update the settings on your mod to the match the desired settings for your coil.

Oh, and be careful not to lose your O-Rings. Those little guys may not seem like much but they do a lot of heavy lifting. O-Rings keep the e-juice from leaking out of the tank.

This process may vary for more unique or cartridge based units, such as the PAX JUUL. These units don’t need to have a vape coil change, however, may not produce the clouds you’ve grown accustomed to with a standard vaping unit.

How to Keep Your Coils Lasting Longer

It’s important to make sure your new wick is fully soaked before use. After installing a new coil, you’ll need to let it sit for about five minutes. The reason for this is to avoid a dry hit that could burn your new coil.

Many vape users choose to apply a drop of e-juice directly to the wick to avoid any risk of burning it.

Now that you have all the info you need to select and install your new coil, it’s time to enjoy.

There are a lot of options when choosing a coil, but now you can make an informed decision when presented with the choices.

Need a glossary of vaping terms? We’ve got you covered.

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