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Eco Sciences announced its merger with CBD Drip recently, and along with it, a name change for CBD Drip products, which will now be known as “Eco Drip.”

The Eco Sciences merger with the staple hemp brand, CBD Drip includes plans to continue using Eco Sciences as the retail face of the brand, while utilizing the former CBD Drip website CBDDrip.com as the newly-merged company’s wholesale division.

CBD Drip’s most popular products Gold, Platinum, and Onyx will be rebranded as Eco Drip. Eco Sciences plans to continue offering other former CBD Drip products as well. In addition to these products, the company also sells an assorted variety of CBD drops, gels, drinks, capsules, shots, and even CBD pet products.

Sam Sugura, Eco Sciences creator said of the merger, “I’m so proud of our expanding team and can’t wait to share with the world these new projects and products”.

Eco Sciences began as an artisan e-liquid manufacturer, evolving over time to develop tailored CBD wellness products including Eco Caps and Eco Shots. Starting with hemp farmed at a small industrial farm in the Netherlands, and processed by CO2 extraction in Germany, the company gradually expanded to a wider variety of hemp wellness products.

The merger does not come as a surprise for those in the industry. Eco Sciences has built much of its company and its brand image on strategic partnerships, working with a variety of brand ambassadors spanning numerous sports – from mixed martial artist and flyweight champion Illima MacFarlane to Big Wave Tour Champion Billy Kemper to world champion surfer Sunny Garcia and skydiver Justin Boer.

The Eco Sciences merger with CBD Drip will see the new company relocating to Aliso Viejo in southern Orange County, California. The company’s new world headquarters will occupy a fifteen thousand square foot facility.