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Mickey Mouse didn’t want Minnie to be exposed to vaping products. Like most international comic megastars, the rodent eventually got his way. A Disney vape ban is now the law of the Magic Kingdom.

As of May 1, all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, both Disney-sanctioned Water Parks and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex became vape-free. The Disney vape ban also affects traditional cigarette smokers.  

Individuals seeking a vape break at the parks will be forced to find designated vaping/smoking areas off the park’s perimeter. Disney Springs and select resort hotels were spared from the ban, according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

The announcement should not come as a surprise for anyone familiar with the past credits of Mickey and his sidekick, Goofy.  

In the classic cartoon, “Smoking Mickey,” a giant attempts to self-roll a huge cigarette with Mickey caught inside. That must have left a mental scar on the star.  

In “No Smoking,” Goofy satirized the struggles of attempting to “kick the habit.” Funny, but the problems faced by smokers about five decades ago resemble modern day ills. Expect in the fact past generational smokers did not possess the ability to quit via a safer alternative, vaping.  

It appears Mickey doesn’t see it the way a series of recent studies have suggested. The star got his way. The Disney vape ban is now in full effect.

At least Mickey & Co. will not attempt to punish vapers if they are caught indulging on the hallowed park grounds. Disney employees are responsible for enforcing the vaping ban and violators will be guided to the designated areas and will be allowed back in the park areas, the Tampa Bay Times reported.  

By the way, which classic Disney character set the right example for their young fans and did not smoke during their iconic on-screen performances?  

+ Aladdin, the blue genie?

+ Peter Pan?

+ Pinocchio?  

Well, the trio inhaled.  

Now, no one can at the parks.  

Thanks, Mickey.  

Hope you’re happy you got your way.

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