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Sweetened cornflake cereal submerged in a bowl of whole milk with an emphasis on the sugar. If you like cereal vapes, Dinner Lady Cornflake Tart may just be for you.

First Impressions:

I totally dig the branding on the Dinner Lady line of liquids. They managed to keep everything professional, straying away from any cartoon characters, or vulgar titling. The bottles are designed in a professional manner, the flavor profile is straightforward, it just works. The yellow lemon tart bottle is a nice touch as well!

Flavor Profile:

A true taste of the old-school! Cornflake and syrup tart with a punchy layer of strawberry jam running through. The only thing missing is the crunch.


Smells just like a bowl of sweetened cornflake cereal. Not really sure what brand it reminds me of most, frosted flakes perhaps? I did not pick up on the strawberry.

My Setup:

For Cornflake Tart, I decided to rock single 3mm framed staple on the deck of the Twisted Messes RDA. The single coil really allowed the wattage to be controlled, and the airflow to be restricted as much as possible. I used the Lavabox DNA 200 for this setup, and vaped between 30-55 watts.


Front – Straight cornflake cereal at this point. It’s not quite a dessert flavor, but it has enough sugar to pass as one. I picked up on the SLIGHTEST hint of a berry flavor here too, but I could not put my finger on the variety.

Middle – Milk enters the scene at this point, and mixes with the sweetened cereal flavor quite nicely. The cream does a nice job of dissipating some of that straight sugar taste (not literally of course, the sugar level remains the same), and makes for a really nice mouthfeel to boot. The berries that I picked up on in the beginning, are definitely taste like a mix between an overripe strawberry, and a raspberry.

End – The end of this vape is probably my least favorite. The sweet cereal flavor morphs into more of a pop-corn, and the creaminess of the milk gives way to more of a 2% – watered down half and half. As for the strawberry? It’s simply not present towards the end of this vape.

Aftertaste – Not the cleanest aftertaste to be honest. The high sugar content, in combination with the creamy mouthfeel work to create that dreaded tongue film. The lingering is easily cleared by a sip of cold water, but is still rather annoying.

Cloud Production:

Vape Dinner Lady liquids, or Dinner Lady as they’re called now (I know them as VDL) are all a 70/30 blend, so you’re probably not going to drip this stuff at your next cloud comp. The cloud production was still sufficient, but the flavor production is what it’s all about!

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $19.99 (60ml)

Bottle type – glass dropper

Final Thoughts:

I spent a decent bit of time trying to figure Cornflake Tart out. It’s an okay cereal flavor, but it just seems like the designers got a bit confused as to what direction they were going to take this one. Down the path of a simple, straightforward sweetened cereal and milk vape, or a slightly more complex cereal vape with sweetened cream and berries on top. Instead, they wound up with an ‘over’ sweetened cereal vape, and a berry flavor thrown in as an afterthought. You won’t find any strawberry jam or syrup tart here.

Would I purchase Cornflake Tart again? Probably not

Would I recommend it to a friend? Not likely.

Purchase Cornflake Tart here

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