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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is taking aim with his new e-liquid flavor legislation.

Youth vaping is in his crosshairs.

Spearheading a unit of politicians, Durbin helped create legislation intending to shoot down the flavored tobacco industry with one shot, according to a press release Durbin’s office.

Titled “Stopping Appealing Flavors in E-Cigarettes for Kids (SAFE Kids) Act,” the bill suggests stiff restrictions should be placed on e-liquid flavorings and that all cigar flavorings should be banned.

“We have made great progress in convincing kids not to start smoking cigarettes,” Durbin said in the statement. “They know that cigarettes kill and that, nowadays, it’s hard to find someplace where smoking cigarettes is even allowed.”

Of concern to Durbin is the estimate of more than two million teenagers vaped at least once in 2017, an astounding 653 percent increase from 2012. During the period from 2011-15, high-school vaping increased from 1.5 percent to 16 percent, according to Durbin’s office.

“These products, especially flavors that shamelessly appeal to kids, are doing more harm than good,” Durbin said. “I am convinced that e-cigarettes represent the ‘re-invention of smoking,’ cooked up by Big Tobacco to hook a new generation. Unfortunately, kids don’t understand that e-cigarettes are highly addictive, harmful to their developing brains, and can lead to a lifetime of tobacco addiction.”

The SAFE Kids Act calls for flavored vapor producers to study, research, and prove to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) three main points:

  1. Their products help adults quit smoking
  2. Their products do not aid in initiating minors to tobacco products;
  3. Their products are safe alternatives to smoking nicotine.

While Durbin also pointed out that three percent of adults vape and 12 percent of teenagers vape, his legislation has the industry targeted. The question now is, will his legislation be successful?

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