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Puff Labs is the manufacturer behind Circus E-Liquid. Previously, I have tried their Circus Cookie E-Liquid flavor, which is exactly like those frosted animal cookies with sprinkles. That one was a little bit sweet for me after a while though, so I am leary to call any of these juices by Circus an all-day-vape. But the jury is out! I got my hands on Cotton Candy Salt by Circus E-Liquid, the salt nicotine version of Circus E-Liquid’s Cotton Candy E-Liquid. To compare, I also picked up a bottle of the 6mg non-nic salt version.

First Impressions: Packaging

I absolutely love their packaging, but the reason I love it is because you know exactly what this brand is all about at first glance. On their normal e-liquid, the box and the label both showcase the same scene: the top of a colorful circus tent, a faded striped background, and their logo in a big font. On their salt version, they have less surface area to play with on the label, so you won’t see the tent, but the spirit of it remains the same. The same graphic stripes and eye-catching logo reminds you what brand you’re vaping, and the flavor is directly below so you know what to expect in terms of flavor.

The Flavor

Obviously, we know that this is going to be a sugary, sweet vape that reminds us of the fairgrounds, the circus, or wherever else you go to eat some spun sugar. Puff Labs describes this liquid as a “sweet and slightly tart blue raspberry cotton candy.”

Vaping Cotton Candy Salt by Circus E-Liquid

First thing was first, I loaded up a fresh pod for my SMOK Novo to test Cotton CandySalt by Circus E-Liquid. My primary test was to see how this nic salt would fare in a pod mod, because I feel that most MTL vapers who use nicotine salt juices are going to be using a pod mod, an ultra portable system, or an all-in-one of some sort. My secondary testing was done using a vape pen intended for MTL use.

It took me a few puffs until I could really get a grip on the flavor. The inhale of the juice was really light, with a nice throat hit following, and then the exhale was when I really detected that blue raspberry that I was promised. There is some tartness here. Not a lot of tartness, but it’s there. I was really happy with the flavor after I got used to it. Indeed, it did taste like cotton candy. I could imagine it melting in my mouth.

Comparing Cotton Candy Salt by Circus E-Liquid to the Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid

The 6mg I picked up was tested after I got myself used to the salt nicotine version. Since I vape heavily, I really, really noticed the sweetness build up with this. The salt nicotine version has a slightly increased tartness that cuts it a bit better, plus it vapes pretty clean, unlike the standard freebase liquid. The flavor, however, was fundamentally the same. So if you already know you like Circus E-Liquid’s Cotton Candy E-Liquid, you’ll most likely love the salt version.

Product Information

Available in 24 and 48mg of nicotine

Sold in a 30ml Gorilla Bottle

Price is $17.99 for 30ml of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Too Sweet or Just Right?

Honestly, I was going into this knowing that Cotton Candy Salt by Circus E-Liquid would be on the sweeter side. But thankfully, I never felt that their salt-based version was unbearably sweet. When I compared it to the freebase nicotine e-liquid, the sweetness level was significantly different. If you love blue raspberry, as well as cotton candy, this is a fun, unique guilty pleasure. While I still wouldn’t classify Cotton Candy Salt by Circus E-Liquid as an all-day-vape, I do think it’s a fresh, interesting juice for occasional use. Think of it as a dessert vape, rather than the main course.

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