Milwaukee E-cig Ban Aims to Eliminate Vaping Inside Vape Shops
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Brick and Mortar vape shops could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a recently passed indoor vaping ban in the Milwaukee area.

Thanks to a unanimously passed piece of anti-ecig legislation (passed June 20th, 2018), signed by Mayor Tom Barrett (July 8th, 2018), smokers looking to switch to healthier alternatives will have their access severely restricted. This should come as no surprise however, as Milwaukee follows Greenfield, West Allis, and South Milwaukee areas in their recent effort to dismantle the local vapor industry.

At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal. But consider the fact that nearly ever physical vape shop allows its customers to test flavors before purchasing, increasing the chances of overall product effectiveness (flavors are a key factor in quitting success!).

The vapor industry has been attacked from nearly every angle: from devices that look like USB drives, e-juices targeted towards ‘youth’, battery explosions from unsafe use, and the dangers of flavors. Milwaukee hopes to expedite the passing of an all-encompassing FDA flavor ban, by stretching its ‘local level muscles’.

Local shop owners do not seem to worried about the recently passed ban. Owner of Lake View Vapor, Matthew Murphy stated that he, “doesn’t see it putting a dent in our sales or anything — it doesn’t matter.” When in reality, not being allowed to vape in a shop defeats the entire purpose of traveling to one. If users can no longer test e-juice flavors, use devices while in the shop, converse with each other on technique etc., and seek one-on-one advice; most will not waste their time (or fuel), and revert to online purchases instead.

So kiss all those cloud and trick comps goodbye, this ban will eliminate an entire subculture of vaping in the Milwaukee area. And if you think the legislative rulings stop at Wisconsin, you’d be mistaken. CASAA has a lengthy list of calls to action (updated daily), with new counties added regularly.

Milwaukee, WI will issue fines of $100+ to anyone caught vaping in local shops, or affected business in the surrounding area.

Local media outlets and local officials are largely uneducated about the vapor industry and it’s users. WTMJ-TV actually referred to e-cigs as, “smoking machines”, and the action of vaping as, “smoking e-cigs”. Unfortunately, the lack of industry knowledge has allowed state officials to pass bans similar to this one, without much resistance. Vapers usually have little to say in the matter, and are forced to take reactionary measures in an effort to stop the final passing of a ban.