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The latest vaping vindication was confirmed by a television doctor.

What the doctor says must be true. E-cigarettes have to be less risky than traditional cigarettes, right? I mean it was on TV!

The medical community still has its doubts, however. It probably will continue to find excuses not to fully endorse vaping as a safety net for smokers attempting to quit, despite Public Health England crediting vaping for helping 20,000 individuals to quit smoking each year, according to

“We’re in danger of missing out on the huge public health prize of a smoke-free society if the medical profession doesn’t start encouraging smokers to take up vaping,” said Dr. Christian Jessen, who stars on the TV show, “Embarrassing Bodies.” “Vaping has so far helped 3.2 million vapers either quit or reduce smoking, saving the NHS billions in treating those with smoking-related health conditions.”

Through his platform, Dr. Christian Jessen is advising his peers to support his campaign of promoting smokers to transition to vaping.

“There is a growing bank of evidence which shows it can reduce smoking relating harm and yet despite that, more than half of hospitals across the UK ban vaping on their grounds,” Jessen said. “It’s time we were consistent and gave clear advice to smokers to help combat the misinformation they are all too often bombarded with, about vaping.”

“Embarrassing Bodies” is a documentary-style show featuring doctors treating patients with “different embarrassing health problems. Airing initially in 2008, the on-again-off-again series is in the midst of its sixth season, according to

Another recent study, this one sponsored by Cardiff University, suggested vaping should not be thought of as a “gateway” to smoking nor does it “normalize” cigarette smoking among younger generations. For those keeping tabs on recent research, the Royal College of Physicians announced nearly identical findings three years ago, reported.

If the info was on TV, then it must be true, right?

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