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Valentine’s Day, everyone’s either most or least-favorite holiday, is almost upon us — and all of us here at Soupwire are feeling pretty enthusiastic about some interesting research that found that your vape juice brands might actually make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Dr. Alan Hirsch, is a board-certified neurologist and psychiatrist, and the founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, IL and the author of several books, including, What Flavor is Your Personality? Discover Who You Are by Looking at What You Eat. Hirsch has pioneered research that discovered a strong connection between a person’s food and scent preferences with their personality, and has discovered that certain food scents actually trigger sexual arousal in both men and women. The reason? The part of your brain responsible for your personality is also where your food (and scent) preferences are formed.

The researchers studied men and women from ages 18 – 64 and measured their sexual response (by an increase in blood flow) to 46 different food scents and combinations.

Vape Juice Brands To Attract Men

Of all the scents measured, the scents and flavors that were responsible for the strongest arousal in men were cinnamon buns, and pumpkin pie, which increased arousal by 40%. A combination of black licorice and donuts increased arousal in men by about 32%. And the scent of buttered popcorn was found to increase the guys’ arousal by about 9%.

The researchers also learned that older men had a stronger response to vanilla than younger men did, and men with the most active sex lives (read into that what you will) had a greater response to a cola scent.

Vape Juice Brands To Attract Women

Women’s arousal was increased 13% by the scent of black licorice, specifically Good & Plenty candy. And pumpkin pie , which apparently puts both sexes in the mood for, well, sex, increased women’s arousal by 11%.

As it turns out, the study also concluded there was no scent that diminished arousal in men. Shocking, we know. However, a cherry scent was found to have decreased arousal in women by 18%, and the scent of barbecue smoke actually decreased women’s arousal by 14%.

The researchers also learned that both single and married women prefer their partner’s kisses to taste minty and clean, like toothpaste. Married men prefer their wives’ kisses to taste like mint, either peppermint or spearmint. But single guys preferred it when their dates’ kisses tasted like alcohol.

How can you put this research to good use? By using vape juice brands in the flavors and scents that are most appealing to the sex you’re trying to attract, you can basically turn yourself into a human atomizer. Like the Pied Piper, without the rats.

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