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The BTFC RDA from Augvape and VapeFagn is an interesting one indeed. Today, we’ll walk you through installing a set of claptons on the 25mm topper.

The deck of the BTFC RDA is pretty odd at first glance. The four holes on deck are sloped or angle cut through the posts themselves, instead of the traditional vertical cut. This means that your leads will stick out through the outside of the RDA, instead of coming down into the deck itself. No worries though, you’ll be able to go about trimming your coils just as you would any other build.



Using the allen key tool provided with the BTFC RDA, proceed to back/loosen all four grub screws equally, until the lead of your coils can be inserted. Most of the time, depending on the complexity of your coils, you’ll probably be able to get away with backing the screws half way out.

Inserting Your Coils


Like I mentioned previously, once you have the coils dropped in through your posts, the leads will come out through the bottom side of your RDA. Just let them rest on the top of the posts, we’ll take care of positioning/trimming next.



Use a 3mm builders rod, or 3mm coil jig to lift the coils off the top of the post screws a bit. While you have the coil lifted to your desired height, you can then tighten one of the grub screws on either side to hold the coil in place. This is technically more of a pre-positioning step then anything. Try to line everything up as evenly as you can at this point, it will make the next steps that much easier!



Once you have your coils halfway secured and sitting at your desired height, you can proceed to trim the leads on both side of the topper, flush with the outside of the deck. Don’t worry if you have a tiny extra bit sticking out of the deck, just get it as close as you can.



Now this part is easier than it sounds. If you did have some extra material left behind after trimming, now is the time to take care of it. Using the same builders rod, lift up on each coil until no more excess is sticking out of the deck. While holding the coil level with your jig/rod, you can tighten both grubs screws all the way down.

Final Adjustment/Pulsing


Using a vv/vw mod, and a set of ceramic tweezers, pulse the coils until they start to glow from the inside out. I pulsed my 3mm claptons at 50w, and that seemed to do the trick just fine. Using the same set of tweezers, squeeze both coils at the same time, and center them on the deck as best you can. You probably wont be able to get them perfect, and that’s ok, it shouldn’t effect your vape at all.


Wick the build with your favorite cotton just as you would any other build. You’ll have more than enough room to stuff your excess wicking material, so don’t be afraid to leave a bit more ‘slack’ on the sides.

Building on a deck like this may take some getting used to. But the large diameter of the RDA will definitely help ease any troubles you run into.

Purchase the BTFC RDA here

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