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The 528 Custom Vapes Goon V1.5 is a builder’s RDA. It’s made to fit any complex coil you can throw at it, and doesn’t take very long to set up. Today, we’ll take a look at the Goon V1.5, install some Juggernaut coils, and talk pros and cons.

Like many, my first Goon experience started with V1.5. This RDA is not flawless, but does have an absolutely brilliant build deck made for vapers. Today, I will be installing a set of Juggernaut coils, but you can build your own juggernaut coils with 30 minutes and a small amount of materials.

The Deck


The 528 Custom Vapes Goon V1.5 is mostly known for its clamp style deck. With a spacious 24mm building surface, the clamps help in a variety of different ways:

  • They minimize issues with post screws grabbing your coil leads and twisting them
  • Allow huge complex coils to be installed with ease
  • Eliminate issues with screws backing out, or becoming loose overtime



For this build, I decided to go with a fairly large set of juggernauts. With a 3mm ID (inner diameter), they would fit perfectly on the deck. With that being said, the 3mm coils are a bit conservative, you could probably get away with a set of 4mm coils (or maybe larger…). The juggernauts have some cool wicking properties, capturing juice in the nooks and crannies, which makes for some stellar flavors production.



To install the coils, simply loosen the clamps on both side of the deck until you can insert your coils through the clamps with ease. For the Goon, I actually installed and trim the leads one coil at a time. After you have the leads trimmed nice and tight on both sides, you can re-insert each juggernaut, and proceed to tighten the clamps.

Once installed, your coils should be sitting even with the post clamps, and centered in the middle of the deck. The overhead close up shot of my juggernaut build is a bit deceiving, as the coils look like they’re spaced far off the posts. In general, you want to have your coil/s sitting as close to the post/s as possible without touching.



The 24mm deck along with larger diameter coils makes for a quick wicking job. You may be tempted to over-wick with all that extra space; but avoid doing so! Stick with a sufficient amount of cotton and not a bit more. You want the wicking material to be somewhat tight inside the coils, where you can’t remove the cotton too easily. Wicking is very much a feel type thing.

Tip: it’s easy to tell if you have your coil/s wicked improperly. Too little cotton, and the material will burn quickly from the center, and fall apart when you re-wick. If you have enough material, the cotton will not burn from the center out, and should come out in one piece when re-wicking.


The Goon V1.5 may be one of may favorite RDAs to build on to date. The huge building deck, along with the clamps and high quality materials help push this atty into my top 10. If it wasn’t for the wonky airflow, the Goon V1.5 would be in my top three favorite RDAs ever!

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