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Augvape and VapnFagn came together to produce this a 25mm, BF capable, top and bottom airflow RDA. Will this massive atomizer live up to the hype?

I had a good bit of skepticism after hearing about the BTFC RDA. Atomizers claiming to be capable of both flavor production and cloud chasing had been a big disappointment in the past; and normally were not very good at either one. The BTFC did have a few things working in its favor though, like bottom and top airflow, and huge airflow slots. So I kept my hopes high going into the review period.


  • 25mm diameter
  • Four post, slopped single terminal with side mounted hex screws
  • 3mm post hole diameter
  • 11mm deep juice well
  • Dual airflow placements
  • Top adjustable airflow (3 by 2.5mm holes)
  • Bottom adjustable airflow (10 by 1.5mm holes)
  • Centered dual airflow posts (3 by 1mm holes)
  • Gold platted 510
  • Gold plated bottom feeding pin
  • 2 810 drip tips (9mm tapered and 10mm acrylic)

First Impressions:

I was really impressed with the design of the BTFC RDA right off the bat. Everything from the slightly raised metal portion on the top cap (for the drip tip to rest), to the ability to control top and bottom airflow separately.

The airflow holes coming out through the bottom posts on the build deck was another really nice touch; and although this was not a groundbreaking feature, it was still nice to see.

The Good:

  • Super easy build
  • Super easy to wick
  • Enough room for extra fluffy wick on the sides of the deck
  • Coils placement is perfect, right below your mouth, making for some great flavor
  • Easy airflow adjustment
  • Comfortable drip tips
  • Minor juice spit back
  • Huge juice-well
  • Simplistic design
  • Attention to detail
  • ‘Through post’ airflow
  • Swooshy draw
  • Near perfect o-ring tolerances
  • Flavor production
  • Cloud production

Not So Good:

  • Top cap can be hard to remove
  • Adjusting the top airflow can be a challenge, depending on how long you’ve been vaping
  • Dual coil only

Wrapping Things Up:

Installing coils on the BTFC was an absolute breeze; everything from large 3.5mm dual strand twisted coils, to complex small 2.5mm diameter aliens. The posts did a great job of ‘self positioning’ my coils right where I wanted them (the only real adjustment needed after the install was leveling), and really cut down on the build time overall.

The ability to adjust top and bottom airflow separately allowed me to dial everything in exactly the way I wanted it. Oftentimes, I found myself making minor adjustments to the top airflow between vapes, something I would normally not do on other RDAs.

Holding true to its name, the bottom airflow top airflow, flavor production cloud production atty turned out to be quite the performer. I was able to pick up on the little nuances within more complex flavors, and chuck some seriously dense vapor with max VG blends. And contrary to my initial skepticism, the BTFC did a really good job producing in both categories.

Having a huge 11mm deep juice-well was came in handy while vaping, and provided peace of mind when dripping through the drip-tip. At first, I thought I may have some issues with leaking while dripping (with the location of the bottom airflow holes being directly underneath the coils); but as time went on, I quickly came to the conclusion that this would not be an issue.

For the price, the BTFC is going to be hard to beat. It’s packed with features, and the attention to detail is noticeable immediately. If you’re after super dense rich flavor, and the ability to produce huge clouds, then this RDA is just what you need. Of course the BTFC wont be able to compete with a smaller diameter single coil atomizer, but it comes pretty darn close!

Purchase the VapnXFagn BTFC RDA here.

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