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This classic strawberries and cream combination makes for a perfect ADV. The 1st from Broke Dick will not let you down, and for $23 per 120ml you’ll find yourself coming back for more!

First Impressions:

Ok, I’ll be honest. When I first saw the branding of the Broke Dick Line-up, I was not thrilled. However, after hearing the background story from the owner (yes, he seriously took the time to give me a brief summary!), I completely changed my mind. Since than, the company has re-labelled their bottles using different graphics, but has stuck with the original name; and I don’t mind it one bit!

Flavor Profile:

Imagine luscious peaks of rich vanilla custard brightened with slices of ripe strawberries topped with Cool Whip. This rich dessert treat is reminiscent of a delightful, creamy, strawberry dream! This is a CREAM with Strawberries not Strawberries and cream.


Okay, now this is going to sound a bit weird to the average reader, but being a major foodie like myself has it’s benefits. For starters, I’ve successfully found a way to compare any aroma to a favorite food I’ve made in the past. So… using my foodie skills, I’ll attempt to describe this flavor for you. The 1st has an aroma eerily similar to sticking your nose in homemade bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal; with sliced strawberries, a hint of nutmeg, a good pinch of salt, and a touch of love!

My Setup:

Dual Fused Claptons (from saddlehorseblues, of course…) on the deck of the Twisted Messes RDA, pulsed on the Lavabox DNA 200 at 50-60w.


Front – Fresh strawberry notes upfront, perfectly mixed with a velvety heavy cream. It’s a fairly simple combination, but one that will have you coming back for more. No added sugars to note.

Middle – I was really able to notice the freshness of the strawberries here; if I had to explain the taste to another person, I’d compare it to taking a bite of a perfectly ripe strawberry picked right off the vine. The cream aspect remains in the picture, and stays smoothly nestled in the background.

End – I get the same classy creamy berry combination at this point. Everything remains fresh, light, and the vape has a velvety mouthfeel that I quite enjoy. No excess sugars to note.

Aftertaste – Really clean. But with such a low sugar content, I would expect nothing less!

Cloud Production:

For a 70/30 blend vaped on a dual coil build at 55watts, the cloud production was nothing spectacular. But to be honest, I probably could’ve cranked the wattage up 20-30, and really filled a room with vapor!

Product Info:

Size/s – 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $23.00 / buy 1 get 1 at time of post

Bottle type – Jumbo sized unicorn

Buy The 1st from Broke Dick here!

Final Thoughts:

The 1st from Broke Dick is a really good flavor, and an ADV in my book. If I had to make one suggestion, I would’ve liked a bit more vanilla added to the mix. But that’s just me being picky!

These 120ml bottles are a steal at $23.00. And the flavor is on point as well; better than some of the more expensive $30 60ml’s I’ve tried in the past.

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