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According to Pinup Vapors’ website, Timothy Stark created the vape juice brand out of a desire to create premium, max VG liquids, because he discovered he had a PG sensitivity. The company is based out of St. Louis, Missouri. After hearing about one of their flavors, Betty, I picked up a bottle to give it a try myself. This juice is said to vary in flavor depending on your gear and the power settings. A flavor changing vape? That’s versatility.

Packaging and Branding

As you may have gathered from the name, these e-liquids are designed around pinup models that were popular in the U.S. back in the heyday of pinups. Not that we don’t still have a thriving pinup culture in 2019, but nonetheless, the classics. The box and bottle correspond with the same design: a blue-tinted brunette pinup. The logo retains a retro look, with the flavor name above. There is even a fishnet stocking-like detailing on the side of the bottle that brings it all together.

How I Vaped Betty E-Liquid by Pinup Vapors

I was very intrigued by the description and the idea that this vape juice varies in flavor depending on your set up. It’s supposed to be a fruity blend. But what type? I started vaping Betty E-Liquid by Pinup Vapors with my VooPoo Drag 2 Kit, followed by the SMOK Mag Grip Kit, in order to test at a variety of power settings and use different coils.  


All we know from the description of Betty E-Liquid by Pinup Vapors is that it’s a fruity blend. So I went in pretty blindly on this. Just smelling the juice, I thought I caught some strawberry and blueberry notes. Vaping it was a whole other story. At lower wattages, it was a smoother vape, and that’s when I tasted a strawberry inhale and a blueberry in the middle, followed by an almost vanilla finish. However, when I changed my settings and messed around with a different set up, I was getting hints of grapefruit-like citrus and mango. At one point, I even felt like there were some pineapple notes in there.  

After testing this juice for a solid week, I am still uncertain of how to label the flavors, because they really do vary depending on your set up. Pinup did a great job crafting a mixed fruit liquid that develops in different heat settings. Most often, I was getting that mixed berry flavor, with strawberries and blueberries, but tropical citrus fruit notes came through quite a bit.

Clouds and Throat Hit

Cloud production is not too bad. This is a 75/25 VG/PG blend. More VG always means more clouds, but the vapor from this liquid isn’t anything mind-blowing. The throat hit is barely there. It vapes smooth, finishes clean, and doesn’t leave much of a sting at the back of your throat.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 75/25

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 60ml plastic dripper bottle

Price is $22.99 for 60ml of e-liquid

Want to Have Fun Guessing the Flavors?

Yeah, it’s a bit unusual to market a vape juice as a fruit blend without really knowing what flavors are present in the e-liquid. But that sort of makes Betty E-Liquid by Pinup Vapors fun. No matter how I vaped this liquid, or what flavors I thought I tasted, it was good. I mean, this is a very worthy all-day-vape kind of good. If you’re feeling like a fruit adventure, give this juice a try. It’s interesting to try it out with different builds if you’re an enthusiast vaper, as well. But most importantly, it really does vape well.

Purchase Betty E-Liquid by Pinup Vapors here.

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