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The quality of e-juice has came a long way over the past few years. We went from hit or miss flavors to amazing tasting liquids. How can you take advantage of your liquid’s full flavor potential? What’s the best topper to use for flavor chasing?

Toppers for Flavor Production 101

Flavor production is a big deal for most vapers. You’re certainly not going to spend much time vaping a liquid that tastes bland. There are many different ways to maximize your flavor production while vaping, today we will go over a few of the major categories. Keep in mind, everything we will touch on is based on personal experience; you may not have the same exact results, so take what you read with a grain of salt. Everyone’s sense of taste is a little bit different.


If it is flavor that you seek, you’re definitely going to want to purchase an RDA (we’ll get in to the details down below). In general RTAs, RDTAs, and Sub-Ohm tanks are great for cloud production, but tend to fall short when it comes to flavor. We’ll discuss some of the reasons why a dripper is the way to go next.


This is perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle. Larger diameter toppers may be tempting, and are usually easier to build on – but that extra space (dead space, really) is working against you.

Think about it like this… say you have two cookie jars. One jar is filled 1/4th of the way with chocolate chip cookies, the other 3/4ths of the way. Which jar do would be easier to grab yourself a tasty cookie out of? This same concept holds true with RDAs. You want the coils as close to your mouth as possible, the more space in between your tongue and that heating element (dead space), the more chance for air to thin out the flavor you receive. Keep everything nice and close, and you’ll minimize the amount of dead space between you and the coil/s and maximize the potential for flavor.

Airflow Control

When it comes to air, you’re really looking to maximize the flow to your coils. Airflow is much different than dead space in the chamber of your topper in that it helps cool those heating elements off as quickly as possible. There are a two major airflow options when it comes to toppers: side, and bottom. Generally speaking, you’d like to have both side and bottom airflow if at all possible. Airflow from the side can be adjusted to help dissipate any excess heat, and an air stream from the bottom pushes cool air directly at your coilArt.

Side airflow alone can be sufficient however, but you’ll want to make sure the slots/holes are on the larger size. This will give you more options for dialing in the perfect amount of flavor. More often than not, the best flavor can be achieved with the AFC shut down 50% or more, leaving a sufficient amount of airflow to dissipate heat, and not much more.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s something quite nice about a 22g dual round wire build. But in general, you’re going to want a build with the maximum amount of surface area; the more nooks and crannies for your liquid to get stuck in, the more flavor you’re going to produce. I’ve found from personal experience that the type of metal used for the coils doesn’t matter quite as much, but the complexity of the build does.

CoilArt options range in price, style, and availability. But a single core clapton will produce 10x the amount of flavor when compared to a standard round wire build. The extra money spent on a sweet fancy-ish build is well worth it!

When making the choice to go with a single or dual build, you’ll definitely want to stick with a single coil. Flavor nuances seem to be made more apparent when your vaping at a lower wattage.


Everyone loves to chuck thick, white clouds; but your flavor is really going to suffer in those high wattage conditions. So if you’re willing to give up the room full of vapor, trade in your dual build for a single build; this will allow you to vape at a lower wattage, and experience some of the cleanest flavor possible! I’ve found some of the best flavor at 45 watts or less!


Can a 24mm RDA produce good flavor? Of course! But you’ll want to keep that chamber on the smaller side to increase your chances of finding flavor bliss.

Follow just a few of these ‘rules’ and you’ll start noticing a big change in flavor. There are few more ‘nitpicky’ things you can do to maximize the taste you receive (wicking technique, e-juice viscosity, etc.), but we’ll save those for another time! In general, I’ve noticed the best flavor out a single clapton build, on the deck of a 22mm RDA, with the airflow shutdown 75%!

Below, you’ll find a solid toppers for flavor production!

Digiflavor ETNA 18ml BF MTL

Gas Mods Nixon S 22mm

Coilart DPro Mini 22mm

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