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If you’re like us, then you’re definitely interested in getting great e-juice on the cheap. But not all cheap e-juice is the same. There are variations in the quality of the product, price per milliliter, the shipping times and customer service of the company you’re purchasing from, and more.

Several months ago, one of our colleagues (Ben aka Kountry Bumpkin on Reddit) decided to break it all down and rate 10 different e-juice manufacturers. He put it in a handy chart and posted it to Reddit. Here are the 10 companies in his study:

As you can see from the chart, Broke Dick came out on top, but the competition was pretty fierce.

If you’re wondering how Ben broke this all down, here’s his detailed explanation:

So the ‘quick math’ behind this table goes like this: The Shipping Value is determined by looking at the scale between the most expensive and the least expensive and dividing it by 5. Five is the lowest free shipping threshold and therefore the most valuable whereas 2 is the least value and highest threshold.

The Value Per Milliliter is calculated much the same way. The range between the most and least expensive juice per mil (30 cents) is then divided by ten and each cost is given a rating. So any juices within 3 cents (10% of difference) of lowest juice is given a 10, with ten being the cheapest and most valuable and 1 being the most expensive and least valuable.

The final overall weighted value of each company is then compiled by giving the Rating of the company 30% of the score, The cost per mil value is given 50% of the score and the free shipping value is given 20% of the score.

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