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Updated November 13th.

Soupwire is your Black Friday Vape Deals HQ.

So it’s almost Thanksgiving, and I am sure you are beginning to think about all of the people on your holiday shopping list — but don’t you deserve to spoil yourself a little too? This is why we’ve rounded up the Best Black Friday Vape Deals — so you can get your vape fam something sweet — and pick up some awesome new juice and devices for yourself. Because really, sometimes the best gift is the one you get yourself.

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Black Friday Sales(BFS) By Retailer:

Aspen Valley Vapes: Free Shipping over $70
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Aspen Valley Vapes Sales: Crazy Deals / Final Sales
Aspen Valley Vapes Coupons: Sign up for their emails and get 25% off your first order with code EXCLUSIVE25!

Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Banggood Technology Sales: It’s China… Its all on sale if you are willing to wait.
Banggood Technology Coupons: Use Coupon aff7off for 7% off Site Wide!

Breazy LLC:
Black Friday Deals: Early Black Friday Deals have already started! Starter kits as low as $8.99!
Current Breazy LLC Sales: Black Friday Deals
Breazy LLC Coupons: Use code  WELCOME while buying any one e liquid and the second e liquid is 50% off.

Broke Dick:
Black Friday Deals: 2 cent Sale
Current Broke Dick Sales: They always run their 2x 120mls for only $23 and don’t do sales. It’s great juice just try it.
Broke Dick Coupons: The owner has a special page just for people looking for coupons.

Ecigarette Empire:
Black Friday Deals: Last year they released a 25% off juice coupon for Black Friday on Nov. 17th. Check back soon to see what they release this year!
Current Ecigarette empire Sales: Deals & Steals Page
Ecigarette empire Coupons: They have a TON. Check them out. 

Black Friday Deals: Not Released. But the URL is up so we are just waiting….
Current ECBlend Sales: They have a deals page. It’s not kept up super well but if you want an insane deal on some older gear check it out.
ECBlend Coupons: Not going to lie. This site is confusing on how coupons work but code SHARE-20 will get you 20% off your juice.

Ejuice Vapor:
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Ejuice Vapor Sales: Deals Section
Ejuice Vapor Coupons: Code EJV10 will get you 10% off your order
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Sales: Get RED’s Vape juice for only $6.99 a 60ml! They have more than jsut RED’s for $6.99 too! Coupons: Get 10% off all of their E Juice using code ejuices10

Black Friday Deals: So since they are a Chinese company they sell a LOT more than just vape products. They will have a Black Friday sale… It’s just no telling what it is going to be on.
Current FastTech Sales: Just like Banggood, it’s China… Its all on sale if you are willing to wait.
FastTech Coupons: Go ahead. We dare you to find one that actually works. If you do though, shoot us an email.

Fuggin Vapor Co.:
Black Friday Deals: They are keeping quiet this year it seems. But their deals page is pretty much exploding at this point so it should be interesting to see!
Current Fuggin Vapor Co. Sales: Big Fuggin Deals page.
Fuggin Vapor Co. Coupons: 50% off Fuggin Juice with code spin50

Giant Vapes:
Black Friday Deals: Nothing yet but we’re watching….
Current Giant VapesSales: They have a TON of vape juice on sale on their home page. Also, check out their Clearance Section. It has a ton of cheap juice and hardware.
Giant Vapes Coupons: Use Code GV10 to get 10% off your order

Jvapes E-Liquid:
Black Friday Deals: Still nothing yet but we are waiting to see whats coming down the line.
Current Jvapes E-LiquidSales: They have a 99 Cent Page Not everything is just $.99 but there are some GREAT Deals.
Jvapes E-Liquid Coupons: Use code 15OFFNEW to get 15% off your total order.

Lizard Juice:
Black Friday Deals: Lizard Juice always has a few MODs at cost on Black Friday and last year they went crazy with $5 60ml bottles so let’s hope they keep it up this year too!
Current Lizard Juice Sales: They do sample packs and some sales but their claim to fame is their Love it or they REPLACE it guarantee.  You read that right. If you buy vape juice from them online and don’t like it they’ll just ship you another flavor.
Lizard Juice Coupons:

Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current MistHub Sales: Here’s a link to EVERYTHING on Clearance they carry. It’s not the easiest page to find. You’re Welcome.
MistHub Coupons: Code Reddit15 will get you 15% off your total order.

Mt Baker Vapor:
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Mt Baker Vapor Sales: Clearance Section – Through Nov 5 – Bradley’s BOGO Free Sale
Mt Baker Vapor Coupons: 15% off your first order with code MBV15  & Fast Shipping & 10% off with code MBV10
MyFreedomSmokes Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current MyFreedomSmokes Sales:
MyFreedomSmokes Coupons: They actually list all of their coupons on their own site. It’s pretty awesome. Check them out.

Om Vapors, LLC.:
Om Vapors Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Om Vapors Sales: This site pretty much LIVES off of coupons, not sales. Don’t believe me? Check out the crazy coupon ↓right there↓
Om Vapors Coupons: 70% off of all e-liquid and Nicotine Bases code OMVAPE70 Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Sales: Clearance section has 30ml bottles as low as $4.99 and the Sample Packs are great deals. Coupons: Use code 5off30 for $5 off $30 of code vape10 for 10% off

Ultimate Vape Deals:
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Ultimate Vape Deals Sales:  Check out their Mystery box deals (300mls+ for as low as $21.99) and
Ultimate Vape Deals Coupons: Code Vape10 saves you 10% on $35+ and code Save5 will sang you 10% off orders $15+

Vape Wild:
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Vape Wild Sales: Check out their Deal of the Week & come back soon because they ALWAYS run crazy deals.
Vape Wild Coupons: Code WELCOME4 gets new customers get (4) 30mL bottles of E-liquid for $4.44!

Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Sales: All 60mls are $10.95 & 100mls are $12.95. Thats not a sale it’s just how they roll. They even have a section for juice under $5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Vape Coupons: Free Shipping over $50
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Sales: Their sales page is filled with a LOT of older stuff but you can find some sweet deals in there if you keep an eye out.
Vape Coupons: code TopLane Gets you $5.00 OFF your order.
VaporDNA Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current VaporDNA Sales:
VaporDNA Coupons:

VistaVapors, Inc.:
Black Friday Deals: Not Released.
Current Sales:
Vape Coupons: