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British American Tobacco (BAT) is now multi-generational in South Korea.

Through its subsidiary, BAT Korea, the company released the second wave of glo, a tobacco heating device, in the Republic of Korea last week. Among the country’s population of more than 51.3 million, a growing demand for the product prompted the move by the tobacco manufacturing giant. The first BAT glo was released last August, according to Pulse.

The next-generation BAT glo will be available to the public today and will be priced at 90,000 won ($80.65 in U.S. dollars). The device will be offered at local convenience stores and the company’s website, according to BAT Korea.

The upgraded, all-in-one device includes new functions and a sleeker design. Separate charging tools are not needed. When fully charged, it can be utilized up to 30 times, BAT Korea said.

Along with the new glo device, BAT Korea also announced a new product, neo, to replace Neostiks. Neo is a non-burning tobacco and is intended to be used with the company’s battery-powered e-cigarettes.

A marketing battle is heating up with the major players in the region, including KT&G and Phillip Morris. Each company is grappling for bigger market shares. Declaring a health warning against heat-not-burn e-cigarettes, South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety spoke out against potential health issues. Evidently, the message was lost on the masses. Demand for vaping products in South Korea are rising, Pulse reported.

An official for BAT Korea said the company remains focused on supplying smokers with safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. The company representative, who elected not be identified, said the company has plans to release additional devices in the near future.

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