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Transistor E-Juice began in the year 2015, with nothing else in mind but being a “Juice For The People.” The company hails from Chicago area and does their best to provide vapers with high quality ingredients at a lower cost. Transistor has truly produced some unique flavors, but the one that caught my eye was Basic B. Basic B E-Juice by Transistor E-Juice is a vanilla bourbon butterscotch. Try saying that ten times fast, right? I’ve been delving into liquor-inspired vape juices as of late to see if these flavor profiles can compare to the real thing.

Branding and Packaging

Basic B E-Juice by Transistor E-Juice is designed with a clean, modern look that gives a high class vibe. The label showcases “Basic” in vertical letters along the side of a large B. The flavor profile is below. Odds are, you’ll notice that gigantic B first, and then your eye will find its way to the top where the brand name “Transistor” is in the same gold lettering. I like the way their design for this juice looks, because they clearly went for an appearance not unlike a high-end liquor bottle.

Although it seems their different e-juices have their own look to them, Transistor does manage to keep their logo consistent, as well as the spirit behind the designs.

The Flavor Description

Basic B E-Juice by Transistor is described as a blend of vanilla, bourbon, and butterscotch, “like a Top Shelf scotch, this is to be enjoyed with class.”

Vaping Basic B E-Juice by Transistor E-Juice

When I unscrewed the cap on this bottle, I could immediately smell the butterscotch notes. My main concern was that it would be too sweet, with a butterscotch overload. Worries aside, I filled my Innokin iSub B tank with Basic B E-Juice and paired it with the SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod. With the 0.35-ohm  PLEX3D Mesh Coils, I tested this at 30W and brought it up to 55W. At 30W there was a milder flavor, but when I took it up to 45, I was starting to taste every aspect of the liquid.

The forefront of the flavor was definitely that butterscotch, but surprisingly it wasn’t too rich for me. The bourbon came through in the middle and it wasn’t until the exhale that I got that vanilla flavor. I almost didn’t know what I was vaping for a few minutes, I was so interested with this blend. The vanilla notes were not artificial tasting, but more like a vanilla extract infusion. The addition of the butterscotch is what makes this feel like a dessert liquid. It is sweet, but blended perfectly.

Cloud Production

I noticed some nice density with the clouds from Basic B E-Juice. But, this is another 70/30 VG/PG blend, folks. It’s just that. What you would expect from a 70/30 blend: denser, thicker clouds, but nothing out of the ordinary.

As a side note though, this vapor smells absolutely amazing. I would happily fill a room with it any day of the week.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in a 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Price is $15.99 (usually $24.99) for 120ml of e-liquid

Does Basic B E-Juice by Transistor E-Juice Deserve a Spot in Your “Top Shelf” List?

I’ve got to say, I wasn’t expecting to like this e-liquid as much as I did. Butterscotch flavors are always touchy in my book: too much and it ruins the whole blend. Transistor didn’t go overboard with it. In fact, they didn’t go overboard with anything in this juice. Basic B E-Juice is a finely blended liquid, one that I think is the perfect after dinner vape.

If you like the idea of a butterscotch, vanilla blend, plus bourbon, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be a new favorite. For the 120ml size and the price, this is a good bargain juice, too.

Purchase Basic B E-Juice by Transistor E-Juice here.

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