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Vapor insiders had been lobbying Australian health officials for years.

They want the country’s e-cigarette probation axed. Their previous efforts were fruitless.

More accurately, vapor insiders had been ignored by Australian health officials for years.

No more.

Finally, the vaping proponents were heard and their message penetrated the often thick wall of legislation surrounding Greg Hunt, Australia’s health minister. Hunt will implement an independent study focused on the health benefits and risks of e-cigarettes, according to The Guardian.

In Australia, vaping devices are legal. It’s the nicotine-based refills that aren’t.

Over the past 25 months, associations such as the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) have prepared proposals for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), an Australian-based regulator. The lobbyists wanted the TGA to delete vaping products with fewer than 3.6 percent of nicotine ingredients from the island nation’s Poison Standard. The TGA denied the notion in February 2017.

The tide, however, may be changing along the Australian beaches.

Sparked by the voice of New South Wales Liberal Trent Zimmerman, vaping activists remain dogged in their approach to legalizing the nicotine-based products. Zimmerman played a major role in research focused on e-cigarette use earlier this year.

“While the evidence base regarding e-cigarettes is still emerging, there are clear indications that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to human health than smoking tobacco cigarettes,” Zimmerman was quoted as saying.

Will Zimmerman’s voice be heard?

As the Health, Aged Care, and Sport Committee Chair, Zimmerman admitted the parliament’s committee could not come up with a consensus on the future of vaping legislation.

“If long-term smokers who have been unable to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes switch to e-cigarettes, thousands of lives could be saved,” Zimmerman said.

Hunt disagreed when Zimmerman raised the notion again in September.

Vapor insiders likely face more challenges as they continue to lobby Australian health officials, possibly for several more years. This independent Australian vaping study could be the first step in the right direction, though.