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Well, this is it. Last chance. Final stop.

To help stubborn Australian smokers who feel they cannot (will not?) quit smoking traditional cigarettes, public health officials are now championing the “Switch2Vaping” marketing campaign, according to

The last-ditch effort, which is the first of its kind, was implemented to help reduce the health factors associated with combustible cigarettes. Several recent studies concur, vaping is less risky than smoking.

The “Switch2Vaping” campaign was created by some of the country’s top harm reduction supporters. The smoking trend in Australia has plateaued recently, the National Health Survey reported.

Compared to 16 percent of Australian smokers in 2014-15, the national survey indicated in its December findings that the smoking rate fell just .8 percent three years later, according to

The “Switch2Vaping” movement has been backed by Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA) Chairman Colin Mendelsohn, who preaches health and financial benefits to those who make the switch, reported.

Mendelsohn, who also serves as a Conjoint associate professor at Conjoint, has been outspoken over Australia public health officials adopting new policies and techniques for dealing with cigarette smokers holding out on experimenting with e-cigarettes.

Whether they like it or not, Mendelsohn’s efforts reflect a passion for providing a healthier alternative to for Australians.

“If current smokers who can’t or won’t quit are able to make the transition to vaping, then the evidence is quite clear,” Mendelsohn said. “They’ll feel better, save a lot of money and expose themselves to much less harm than they do by smoking cigarettes.”

For the “Switch2Vaping” campaign to work, Australian public health officials will have to change the culture, which is one of the world’s most restrictive countries. In most places, it remains illegal to vape without a prescription from a doctor.

“Vaping is the most popular quitting aid in the United Kingdom, United States and European Union and has helped millions of smokers quit,” Mendelsohn said. “This option should also be available for Australian smokers.

“Vaping is not risk-free, but scientists agree that it is far less harmful than smoking.”

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