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The last product I reviewed from Augvape was the Augvape Skynet Sub-Ohm Tank, a mesh atomizer. I was thoroughly impressed with that tank and still use it pretty regularly. In the last month, I picked up an Augvape Intake RTA for the purpose of this review. If you aren’t familiar with this RTA, it was a collaborative design between Augvape and MikeVapes. If you haven’t heard of MikeVapes, he’s one of the most popular vape reviewers on YouTube. The idea that this was collaboration hardware was really what interested me in giving it a shot. I’m more of a sub-ohm and RDA type gal, myself, but I’ve played around with RTAs over the years and was excited to vape this.

The Design

The Augvape Intake RTA looks nice. It’s 24mm, so it should fit most mods without overhang. While simple, this RTA would aesthetically match just about any set up because of that simplicity. The Intake logo is on the inside, in a graffiti style font, which is a winning feature for some, and probably a losing one for others. The drip tip is an 8mm wide bore delrin, but there is also a 510 adapter if you prefer that size.

You can find the Intake RTA in black, stainless steel, gunmetal, blue, green, purple, and red.

The Build

The construction is made of stainless steel, while the 510 connector is gold plated. The most important thing about construction with one of these RTA rebuildables is the deck setup itself. And boy, this one is pretty different from most RTAs out there. What I like about it is this is a single coil deck, so this should be fairly easy to figure out for someone who’s still fairly new to building coils.

Since this is a more unique design though, you need to understand a bit about how it works. There are two large air flow tubes that line up with the two holes inside of the barrel. This connects it to the top airflow slots at the top base of the RTA. Essentially, the airflow travels through the top slots, down the middle to the bottom, hits the middle deck and the coil, and the vapor travels upward through those central shafts.

More Info on the AugVape Intake RTA:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 4.2ml Bubble Tank Capacity
  • 2.5ml Standard Tank Capacity
    • High Capacity Tank Reservoir
    • Quarter Turn Top
    • Two Large Fill Ports
  • Two Post Single Terminal Build Deck
    • Single Coil Design
      • Single Terminal
        • Side Mounted Hex Screws
        • Top Mounted Philips Screws
        • 3mm per Terminal
      • Corner Wicking Cutouts
      • PEEK Insulation
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airslots
    • 10mm by 3mm Each Airslot
    • Fully Closeable
  • 8mm Wide Bore Delrin 810 Drip Tip
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact

Building on the Augvape Intake RTA

Personally, I like to start building my coil on an ohm-reader. Everyone has their own method though. Once you’ve chosen your coil material (I used some Kanthal A1 wire) and you’re wrapped and ready to insert the coil, use the screwdriver to unscrew those Phillips screws, the slide the leads of the wire through, make sure it’s properly aligned, and tighten the screws. Try to keep the coil from being too low on the deck. Then, snip your wire leads close to the posts and wick.

The wicking on this is nice and easy. You’ll find the wicking slots below the deck. Prime your cotton and reassemble the Intake.

Filling the Augvape Intake RTA

The threading is super smooth on this RTA, so accessing the fill ports is painless. It just takes a counter-clockwise quarter turn to get that top cap off. Then you’ll find those two large fill slots. Fill it up, screw the cap back, let it sit with the e-liquid, and you’re ready to vape.

Vaping with the Augvape Intake RTA

I used this RTA with my VooPoo Drag 2 Mod. I like the way that the Gene Chip hits—fast, powerful, but smooth.

I vaped this at 40-60W, and immediately I noticed the nice flavor. I did decide to use the 510 adapter because the more squatty 8mm is so close to that top cap that it can get a bit hot after a while.

I tried a couple of different builds after the first one, to test it out with higher wattages, and still, it functioned quite nicely. The cloud production is average to above for an RTA of this kind, and the flavor came out strong in every situation I put the Intake through. However, I was a little taken aback by the amount of airflow. I assumed, for a single coil deck, this would have a greater amount of airflow, but it felt more restricted. In fact, I consistently got more restricted lung hits.

Closing Comments

The Augvape Intake RTA overall works really well. But, there are some caveats. The airflow on this feels slightly more restricted than I would have expected. Unfortunately, it’s just a little too restricted in my opinion. That being said, the flavor achieved with this RTA is not bad at all. It gives a good, pure taste, which I think is a good selling point for this RTA. While the performance isn’t mind-blowing, this is a good RTA. If you prefer a more restricted lung hit, you shouldn’t have that much of an issue with it.

Because the airflow is on the top, this RTA tank is relatively leakproof. There are no issues with spit-back, unless you happen to flood the tank.

As a single coil RTA, the Augvape Intake is a great choice, but I won’t go as far to say it’s the best RTA of its kind that I’ve vaped. For the price, it does deliver a solid vaping experience and there aren’t too many flaws.

Augvape Intake RTAhere.

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