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If you’re new to vaping and looking for the perfect all-in-one system, things can get pretty confusing fairly quickly. There are so many pod mods and all-in-ones that it’s hard to know what the differences are between them. There are some pod mods that are popular because they’re reliable and easy to use, like the SMOK Novo. Some are great for a beginner or enthusiast looking for a portable vaping device, like the Smokjoy Amos Mini. Cut to Aspire, a brand that decided to create an all-in-one system that combines old school Aspire coils and dependability associated with their manufacturing quality. This is the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One Ultra Portable System. But is it just like all of the others?

A Sturdy Build?

While the Aspire Nautilus AIO’s body is mostly plastic, it doesn’t feel flimsy like a lot of the other all-in-ones on the market. This isn’t an all-in-one that you purchase to last you a few months. If properly cared for, the Nautilus AIO should stay functioning longer than those cheap alternatives. Let’s not neglect to mention that this device has a 1000mAh internal battery; quite strong compared to some other all-in-ones. Typically, that should mean a slightly longer battery life than those other devices.

The Design

This all-in-one has a typical, slim rectangular body with rounded edges for comfort. The only buttons on the device? A power/firing button and two side buttons that you squeeze simultaneously to release the pod. The Nautilus AIO is available in six different colors: black, blue, green, purple, red, and silver. There is an LED light indicator built into the firing button that will show you the device’s current battery life and output. Blue/Orange is a 4.2V to 3.8V, Blue is 3.7 to 3.4V, and Orange is 3.3V to 3.0V.

Basic Use of the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One Ultra Portable System

Don’t worry about anything being too complicated with this device. Like most all-in-ones, it’s very simple to operate. The only difference that really sets the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One apart is Aspire’s decision to use the Aspire BVC coils with this system. Before you’re ready to vape, charge the device, take out the pod by pressing the release buttons, unscrew the coil from the base of the pod, remove the rubber stopper to fill the pod, prime the coil and screw it back into the pod cartridge. Note, this system also has adjustable airflow, which you should adjust to your desired setting before you place the pod and coil into the Nautilus AIO.

Turn on the device with five clicks and press the firing button and you’re vaping. By using the BVC coils there is that extra step, however, this gives the user a huge advantage because the Aspire BVC coils are easy to find when you need to replace them.

Now, About Those BVC Coils

The Aspire Nautilus All-in-One Ultra Portable System comes with two BVC coils: both a 1.8-ohm resistance, however one is made for use with nicotine salts. You will know which is which by the color of the o-rings on the coils. The original BVC coil, rated at 10-14W, has white o-rings and a mesh cover over the coil to prevent spitback of juice. The salt BVC coil is rated with a 10-12W output and has green o-rings.

Vaping the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One Ultra Portable System

I gave this device a test run with the original BVC coil first. Note that these coils were designed for a VG percentage of 70 or less, so be sure to check your juice’s ratio of VG/PG. The flavor from these coils rings are tried and true. If you aren’t familiar with the BVC coils from Aspire, these were essentially the coils to have at the time of their release. They have a good lifespan and are great for this sort of MTL vaping device. I did, however, notice that the draw on the Nautilus AIO is a bit loose. Nonetheless, you’re able to get some good MTL hits.

I was more interested in trying the salt nicotine BVC coil. While I would like to say that this coil made a tremendous difference in my experience with the Nautilus AIO, I didn’t find that the coil varied much from the original BVC coil in the kit. They are both trustworthy coils. I do wish that Aspire had put a mesh cover on the salt nicotine coil, though, because spitback from a highly concentrated salt nicotine liquid can be harsh.

The Verdict: Is the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One Ultra Portable System That Different?

I’ve got to say, no. It’s another all-in-one that functions very close to the standard all-in-one. But, what sets the Nautilus AIO apart from the others are the BVC coils. The fact that this device uses the BVC coil system gives the user an arguably better experience. The reason is the flavor quality of these coils, as well as their availability. You won’t have to worry about purchasing replacement cartridges or pods and the BVC coils are very easy to find. Aspire still uses them on many of their devices. That also means that if you happen to have another Aspire device that is compatible with the BVC coils, it’s an added convenience. The Aspire Nautilus All-in-One is a great choice for those of you in hot pursuit of a reliable pod mod system that offers a little something extra from the competitor devices. 

Purchase the Aspire Nautilus All-in-One here.

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