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Smooth. Cool. Minty. Icy. If you’re into straightforward menthol flavors, Arctic Paradise from The Classic Vape Co. is worth checking out!

First Impressions:

The Classic Vape Co. was founded by avid vapers in Honolulu, Hawaii. They wanted to help provide local vapors in the area with an affordable high quality vape juice.

The Buck Banger line of liquids from Classic Vape Co. were inspired by flavors of the Hawaiian Islands. Everything about the label screams professionalism, from the company logo, to the interesting black and white ocean wave that wraps around the bottle. All product warnings and information were very easy to find, and the nicotine content and VG/PG ratio were all clearly listed.

Flavor Profile:

A cool, invigorating menthol vape. The Classic Vape Co. didn’t offer a flavor profile for this liquid.


A minty aroma, similar to a tin of spearmint candies, or those little red and white after dinner mints. There’s really not much going on here, and I was unable to pick up on any other smells beyond the candies.

My Setup:

The 24mm BF Profile RDA from Wotofo, loaded with a set of 3mm Aliens from Saddlehorseblues, pulsed on the Drag from VooPoo. I had my wattage set to 70, and the airflow on the Profile shutdown 50%.


Front – Menthol flavor right off the bat. If you’ve never had a menthol vape before, it’s a bit like taking the most potent portion of a mint, and amplifying it five times over – there’s really no distinct flavor to it at all, and the only purpose it seems to serve is a cooling sensation/mouthfeel.

Middle – A nice liquid butter flavor and some additional fresh mint leaf combine with the menthol cooling. There’s a touch of additional sweetener from a fresh fruit (berries perhaps?) midway through as well, but it does little to reduce the potency of the menthol.

End – I’d compare the finish on this liquid to a more of a straight mint hard candy. There is a hint of liquid butter supporting a slightly velvety mouthfeel, but menthol is definitely the name of the game towards the end.

Aftertaste – Mostly a clean, cool aftertaste. Sometimes with a menthol flavor, you’ll get a minty powder substance on your tongue post vape. Arctic Paradise did have a bit of this minty gum lingering, but was far better than some of the menthol vapes I’ve had in the past.

Cloud Production:

This ones a 70/30 blend, so your cloud production is definitely going to suffer. Try mixing some straight VG in with this one to produce some vapor, or just take it as is, and enjoy some great flavor.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3, 6, and 12mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $17.99

Bottle type – Gorilla

Final Thoughts:

I’m not the biggest fan of menthol vapes to start with, and Arctic Paradise did a great job reminding me why. If it’s flavor and complexity you’re looking, you’re definitely not going to find it here. The only additional flavor component I was able to pick up on was a faint hint of berry/fruit, and liquid butter.

Recommendable? Sure. If you’re a fan of menthol vapes, this one should do the trick.

ADV? Absolutely not. This one is about as exciting as a homemade apple pie without the crust.

Purchase Arctic Paradise here.

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