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An international medical group is going all in.

The Forum of International Respiratory Societies is the latest organization to call for an e-liquid flavor ban.

Claiming vaping is harmful and alluring to youngsters, the organization announced Thursday it intends to continue lobbying for additional advertising restrictions and reclassifying vapor devices and products under identical laws as nicotine-based cigarettes, according to this article.

On World No Tobacco Day, the forum declared vaping was “normalizing” smoking and the products “have increased the appeal of e-cigarettes to young people,” according to the European Respiratory Journal. E-cigarettes serve as a “gateway” and “one-way bridge (to smoking).”

As the lead author of the forum’s statement, Washington (Mo.) University Professor Thomas Ferkol said: “Some people truly believe e-cigarettes could be used as a smoking cessation technique, but these products are also an entry to nicotine and tobacco use in young people.”

The forum’s statement continued: “Nicotine use is rising, and in many places, this is driven by electronic nicotine delivery systems.”

Vaping advocates claim the rising nicotine statement is false, with little scientific proof to back it up.

Ready to fight for your rights? Check out this list of organizations you can join to help protect your right to vape. Make sure your voice is heard in this fight to prevent an e-liquid flavor ban! Together, we can fight this wave of awful legislation and misinformation.